De Blasio Defends Investigation Into Yeshivos’ Teaching Standards as Probe Ends


Bill De Blasio’s administration officials have completed a probe of city yeshivas accused of failing to teach students basic academics, the New York Daily News reports, and the New York City mayor defended his probe of yeshivos at a press conference on Thursday.

“We engaged in a dialogue with a number of schools that I think was very productive and resulted in real changes,” de Blasio said at an unrelated event in Brooklyn. De Blasio was accused of intentionally stalling the city’s three-year probe of religious schools. “The goal was to make the schools as good as they should be to meet the standards, and I know, I actually empathize with the concept that might be felt amongst the media of wanting some instant gratification on this.”



  1. The Mayor is okay on this issue. As a seasoned politician, he knows how to play the game. He’s not going to yank any funding from any Yeshivos. That’s ridiculous. Never going to happen. Despite all the criticism of the Chassidishe mosdos supporting DeBlasio, this is an example of where their cozying up to him actually paid off. He’s just going thru the motions and with a wink wink everything will calm down very soon. Yaffed is a very wicked organization. It is headed by a Shoneh Upirush who is a moser of the worst kind. They cloak themselves in “oh we’re really so concerned” but their true goal is to uproot Yiddishkeit. This is nothing new in our long and bitter galus. Naftuli is just another rasha on the list.

  2. What’s the problem with their standard not enough guns and violence curious to know if he ever does any checks on the other institutions

  3. Someone ought to investigate Warren Wilhelm’s standards of governance. For once, we want no “games” in any direction, just clean, unbought government with rational policies that make NYC a safe, desirable place to live and work without special favors.

  4. ON one hand yes the yeshivas can definitely do better in the limudai chol. People need to function in the world and support a family. We should be a light onto the nations. In Kelm they (yeshiva k’tana) had limudai chol and it was taken with much seriousness. If it is being done it needs to be done right.
    Rav Yakov Emden Tz’l in ‘moir U’kitzia in siman Shin -Zayin;page lamed ches says clearly limudai chol is important so we don’t appear like an ignoramous and make a fool of ourselves. There is no excuse for lax limudai chol

    On the other hand I don’t think the current yeshiva limudaii chol is any worse than the average public school.

  5. Leon Lev Trotsky,

    They hardly supported him originally.
    but because he figured out in the primaries that Quinn the frontrunner was alienating the orthodox
    due to her open lifestyle,her opposition to metzitzah b’peh,and her pushing of s– ed
    Deblasio became more “moderate” in the primaries and put together an wide alliance
    They are both reaping what others sowed


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