De Blasio Blames The Feds For NYC’s Problems


Mayor Bill de Blasio blamed the federal government for nearly all the city’s problems Wednesday.

We’re in the “dead-ball era of federal government,” de Blasio told a Midtown summit on urban growth hosted by The Atlantic magazine.

“There’s not a federal policy to address income inequality. There’s not a federal early-child- education policy. There’s not a federal affordable-housing policy,” he added.

“People need to understand — even on our best day, if you’re in a city, a state, there’s only so much you can do,” he said, adding that “they can’t do what the federal government can do.”

Read more at NY POST.



  1. Housing in NYC is apparently affordable, as there are few empty apartments. Those who don’t wish to pay New York rents move elsewhere. It’s a supply and demand economy, despite what the mayor says.

  2. De Blasio wants both destruction and adulation. Jews happily posing with him during and after his past campaigns need to repent.


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