De Blasio Admits He Pulls Strings At City Agencies For Friends


Mayor Bill de Blasio admitted that he has a long history of doing favors for community members who need help with city business — but claims it’s OK because he “never pressures” his department heads, reports the NY Post.

During his first interview since being grilled Friday by federal prosecutors reviewing his campaign fundraising, de Blasio declined to discuss specifics about the session but he did not deny picking up the phone in the past to try to remove bureaucratic red tape on behalf of certain individuals — dating back to his years holding public office before he became mayor.

“I will tell you, when I was a City Council member, public advocate and again as mayor, I believe it is perfectly appropriate to put an issue on the agency’s plate, and the agency has to make the decision they see as right,” de Blasio said. Read more at the NY Post.




  1. Of course, since he’s a left-wing Democrat, his improper behavior is perfectly OK.

    Now, if it was Trump, or one of his people, the lamestream media would be shrieking with “righteous indignation”.

    The hypocrisy is so thick, it reminds me of Makkas Choshech.


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