Day 2: Leiby Kletzky May Have Gotten Into Man’s Car, 2 Surveillance Videos Emerge As Possible Clues


search-for-leiby-kletzky1[Crucial surveillance videos below.] Boro Park, Brooklyn – The search for 9-year-old Leiby Kletzky continued Tuesday night more than a day after the boy from Boro Park went missing. Two new surveillance videos are being seen as possible leads in the disappearance.

One video showed the young boy leaving the Boyaner day camp, located at 12th Avenue and 44th Street, and walking past his home on 15th Avenue.

A second video, which was released late Tuesday night, showed the boy walking behind another man, according to police. Investigators believe Leiby may have gotten into the man’s gold-colored sedan.

Leiby may have stopped to talk to a man and followed him in the opposite direction. Tuesday, the boy’s father went with detectives to watch the video and confirm it was his son, CBS 2′s Sean Hennessey reported.

leiby-kletzky“We look at the possibility of foul play right from the beginning,” NYPD Chief Joe Esposito said.

Congressman Jerrold Nadler specifically reached out to the FBI’s New York field office to request federal resources to assist in finding Leiby.

The FBI has been deployed to the scene and is currently providing the NYPD with assistance, according to Nadler’s office.

Leiby was supposed to meet his mother at 5 p.m. Monday at the corner of 13th Avenue and 50th Street after leaving day camp in Brooklyn, but he never showed up.

Since Monday night, volunteers organized by the Shomrim have fanned out from Boro Park looking for the boy.

Police also had a K-9 dog at the boy’s day camp, hoping to pick up the scent. But after heading in the direction the boy walked, the trail went cold. The community flooded the area with announcements, posters and volunteers in a desperate search.

“We’re concerned. We feel like its one of ours,” said Esther Mandel of Borough Park.

Leiby had begged his parents to let him walk home, CBS 2′s Pablo Guzman reported. They had given him a note, saying he would not be taking the bus. His parents are still waiting for their son’s safe return.

“I wouldn’t wish what they’re going through on my worst enemy – plain and simple,” Assemblyman Dov Hikind said.

It’s unclear if Leiby’s disappearance is suspicious, but residents said they’re not taking any chances.

“Everywhere, up and down the neighborhood, every single block, every park, and so have hundreds of others,” one resident said.

At the day camp, people said the children were susceptible to suggestions from strangers.

“He respects everyone…if you would tell him, you yourself were to tell him, ‘I would like you to sit here until I come back’, he would sit down until you come back,” said Yaakov Baskal of the Borough Park Shomrim.

“We have 2,000 people searching for the kid. We went through every backyard, every front yard, every possibility,” search coordinator Shaya Lichtenstein said.

The search included people on horseback as well as in helicopters.

Hikind also spoke with the boy’s family earlier and said, “They’re scared. They’re afraid. I tried to give them strength and told them to have faith in Hashem.”

The boy is described as 4-foot-4, with dark hair, wearing black glasses, a striped shirt, and was carrying a knapsack.

A $100,000 reward is being offered for the boy’s safe return. Anyone with any information is encouraged to call either the police at 718-851-5641 or the Shomrim at 718-871-6666.

Tips can also be called in to the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 800-577-TIPS, submitted to the Crime Stoppers Website or texted to 274637 (CRIMES) then enter TIP577.

Click below to watch surveillance videos taken at 18th Avenue and 44th Street, the last time Leiby was spotted:

Video 1:

[media id=1183 width=400 height=300]

Video 2:

[media id=1184 width=400 height=300]

{CBS Local/T. Newscenter}


  1. It appears as if Leiby is waiting for this man and knows him. That may be why he asked his mother for permission to walk rather than take the bus. He may never had any intention of meeting her. The fact that he’s doing so clandestinely spells trouble.

  2. The kids body language says he is familiar with the bearded fellow. I could b totlly wrong and if I am I apologize but it seems as if the boy sees the man before he crosses into the screen. He starts walking towards him but the man tells him not to make contact in public. he then falls into step behind the man. The parents shud b scrutinizing the man to see if it resembles anyone they know. Chances are if a kid met up with someone its someone he knows from his daily life. Whether school, shul, camp, or anywhere else it may have happened….. It makes sense that a child would make a time to meet with a rebbi counsler, or anyone else of authority. I hope the parents find him right away safe and sound

  3. The boy is seen following the man in both videos; however, this may just be reflection of the proximity of the two surveillance cameras. Both of the cameras might have been right near each other and the two just happened to be walking the same way..With that said, it does seem a bit suspicious that he just started walking the other way..But I just find it hard to believe that he could convince a kid to follow him in literally one second.

  4. If you look at the end of the second part, the man seems to look over his right shoulder as he steps into the street. The first person (lady) seems to walk straight then he comes and seems to walk into the street around the tip of a car that is barely showing on the left side of the frame, then Liebel comes and seems to walk straight. Maybe the car used R”L could have been right there. Where is the rest of this video, lets see if it pulls out right after this?

  5. Why can’t a computer altered image be created, removing the boy’s peyos, yarlmuike and glasses (similar to what they do for age-progression images in other missing children cases), and then distributed to an expanded search area in case chas v’sholom he has been transported elsewhere?
    This would be VERY helpful, especiallly for possible sightings by people OUTSIDE the community, as outsiders tend to be distracted by the sight of peyos etc. and would not recognize him if chas v’sholom his appearance has been changed.

  6. It appears as if the boy is waiting for that man and when he sees him, he walks towards him and then follows him. The man walks a few steps ahead and Leib follows. It didn’t just happen, it might have been prearranged.

  7. in the video the boy is standing still at the corner, perhaps watching the man across the street. When the man begins to cross, at the same moment the boy begins to move toward him.

  8. The kid def made eye contact with that dude and it seems as if the dude spoke to him before the kid started running with him………..

  9. It is crystal clear from the first surviellance video that the kid made a 180 following the dude with the white pants and beird, and it also seemed as if they were running.
    In the 2nd video he is following the very same dude.

    In the beggining of the 1rst video that dude was standing at the corner across the street. He crossed the street going toward the right side of the screen and cut a very sharp left toward the kids direction.

    Who is he? Where did he come from? Why was the kid following him?

  10. It seems to me from the surveillance video that the boy is waiting at the sidewalk and when a man in a white shirt and tie passes near him he suddenly turns around and follows him. This can be sen in both cameras. Did anyone else mention this?

    For a boy that know his mother is waiting a block away, he doesn’t seem in a hurry to get there. Anyone notice

  11. At this point it would seem that the search effort would be focused on finding the abductor.
    Its seems very unlikely that a 9 yr old boy would be lost for this long.

    May we all hear besuros tovos shortly.

  12. According to the parents the boy insisted that he walk home from camp. His usual routine was to take the bus home. However, Leiby insisted he wants to walk home. His mother caved in and gave him a note authorizing the camp to let him walk. Leiby must have had plans to go or meet someone. It doesn’t make sense why he ws so so persistent on having his mother give him a note to walk home. He must have had plans to be somewhere or meet someone. Also, his mother claims they were supposed to meet on 13th ave & 57th Street. Leiby was caught on video on 18th ave and 45th street walking. I am sure Leiby knew exactly where he wanted to go. Probobly someone who has authority over him instucted him to meet somewhere. This could be a Rebbi, counselour, or family member.

  13. i agree….it seems like he really knew this guy and was waiting for him. and thats why he begged his mother to walk home that day….they should question every male that this boy ever knew……i pray to HaShem that there wasnt foul play weeks, months leading up to this day….perhaps thats why he is so obedient… scary….he looks loike he knew exactly where he was headed to and then waited for the man…HASHEM should save him and bring him home and heal him and his family from this horrible trauma!!! now!!! amen!!!

  14. Davening for a safe return!
    Not comming to conclusions but…because of cheap labor we get this workers of the lower society to work without reputation or refferences. I see at supermarkets how goyim intent to prey on our maidelech by smiling and talking ,few care. GRRRR
    We should have guidelines and rules before hiring a goy to protect us from the lower elements of society.

  15. I think the others above are correct that it is very strange that Leiby seems to be waiting for somebody in the first video, and then as soon as that man crosses the street, he immediately turns around and follows him. What’s also weird is that it doesn’t seem like the man gives Leiby any sort of recognition or greeting, but Leiby keeps following him anyways. Could this possibly have been an arranged meeting, or was Leiby trying to flag the man down, and that’s why he keeps following him?

  16. After watching it a few times it seems to me that he saw a yiddishe person (who doesn’t pay any attention to the boy) so he seems to be running after him, (to ask directions I assume)

  17. this guy “realy” looks jewish no?
    i even think that beside his beard you can see some ‘tsitsis’ hanging from his side…
    does it make sence ?
    wow this game might start to change but at the same time getting realy “scary” at the same time

  18. we need to start doing teshuva now so this story can end & leiby is found ASAP

    nothing happens as a coincidence, now its time for each of us to do teshuva so he can be returned (found) & MASHIACH WITH GEULA CAN ALSO BE FOUND B’KAROV

  19. he definitelly looks jewish
    or maybe just pretending to be/just jewish clothing ?
    but on the other hand this boy realy looks at him like he knows him from somewhere…
    besides his beard it looks like he has “tsitsis” hanging from his side ?
    am i right ?
    if it was indeed a jew that took him in to a car it could be much more easy to identify him
    but on the other hand “it is “realy” scary
    ohh god…. let this trauma end soon

  20. is this car parking in this parking space just a minute before it leaves ???
    looks like this man talks on his cell phone
    am i right ?

  21. That man and car should be identified POST HASTE.

    It does not seem to be too difficult to do so, with all the vehicle records available especially with the supposed added security measures after 9/11. What is the question???

    What else makes more sense at this juncture? The boy is not likely to be in BP or F/B if not found yet, unless hidden well. (However, he may be of course.)

    Why is it taking this long to hear that this man is being traced? If he is completely innocent, so fine; no harm was done.

  22. He went voluntarily with this man, it was prearranged, but it’s very unusual for a 9 year old kid to plan things behind his parents back. The man must have told the kid that he’s planning a big anniversary party for his parents, and he wants the kid to choose the balloons. How else would a kid go voluntarily and leave his mother waiting for him?

  23. It appears from later videos that the authorities may be dong just that of course, but do not want to reveal too much information. I hope they are doing that indeed.

  24. The video appears to show both a male and female involved. Have they released any information regarding family/custody situations?

  25. it looks like he was waiting at the corner until he saw the person then started walking towards him. at that point the man instucted him to go with him.

  26. If you look at street view in google maps @ 466 east 2nd street the house the body was found out. there is a man bending in to a station wagon in front of the house. The car looks similar to the car in the 2nd surveillance video. hashem yirachem.

  27. This is truly horrible and yes it appears as Leiby knows the man. He could have been planning this which is why he wanted to walk home alone that day. ANd for Rabbi Goldstein, there are criminals in every race and religion and not just non-jews. Rules and guidelines should apply to everyone seeking employment not just goy as u put it.

  28. And oh yeah, keep your ignorant musings to yourself. You sound as though you speak from experience. LOSER.


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