David Hogg Plans To Run For Congress When He’s 25


David Hogg, the Parkland, Fla., shooting survivor who has become an outspoken gun control activist, says he’s running for Congress when he’s 25.

The 18-year-old told New York Magazine in an interview published Monday that he already has plans to run as soon as he is eligible to be a congressman.

“I think I’ve come to that conclusion,” he said. “I want to be at least part of the change in Congress.”

Hogg rose to prominence after the Feb. 14 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. He hid in a dark classroom and recorded his friends’ testimonies as a gunman killed 17 people.

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  1. When David Hogg losses his first election in a landslide he will squeal like a pig.

    The term Hoggwash comes from the babbling of David Hogg.

  2. David Hog is no shooting survivor. He (mistakenly) said in the CNN clip that as soon as he heard about it, he got on his bike and rode the 3 miles so he could get interviews and footage! How did he know about the shooting? Oh, right. He’s a son of an FBI agent and whose mother is a high level CNN Producer….
    What was interesting was that Hog interviewed students about shooting 4 hours ahead of the actual shooting and tried to pass it off as a video of the “attack”.

  3. The lowlife opportunist, Hogwash, has been completely silent regarding the accessor to murder, Scot Peterson, who did figure 8’s with his golf cart instead of defending the helpless students. That’s all you need to know regarding the democrat plant.

  4. He’s a kid who went through a horrible experience. If he wants to run for office when he’s old enough, that’s his right.

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