David Greenfield Calls For Dems To Expel Lopez Pierre From Party After Racist Campaign Video


Council member for the 44th District, David Greenfield, is calling on the Democrat Party to remove their candidate, Thomas Lopez Pierre, from their party. The demand comes after Lopez Pierre released a campaign video in which he accused “greedy Jewish landlords” for instigating an ethnic cleansing in his neighborhood.

“Together, we can defeat the greedy Jewish landlords that are engaged in ethnic cleansic, pushing black and Latino families out of Harlem, Washington Heights and the Upper West Side,” Lopez Pierre said in the video, which he took standing in front of Councilman Mark Levine’s office, who he accused of being bankrolled by Jewish landlords.

Lopez Pierre is currently attending a court ordered anger management program after confessing to a violation of a restraining order filed by his ex-wife. The violation occurred when he spread flyers in his ex’s neighborhood, asking neighbors to reports any sightings of abuse that his ex may inflict on their three children.



  1. This picture is misleading. Bill DeBlasio has been silent regarding this racist rant by this Democrat. Bill is following the Democrat play book which clearly states that one must always circle the wagons for one of their own.

  2. David Greenfield just got an unfair attack by the NY Prust yesterday. I’m not sure if he should be the first one speaking up over here.

  3. Don’t be ridiculous. Outside the ghettos of the East Coast, Lopez Pierre is more welcome to the Democrat Party than Hikind or Greenfield. A few days ago, the head of the DNC proclaimed that there was no place in the Party for people who opposed abortion. And Gov. Cuomo publicly called for those who opposed SSM to leave NY.

    At least, after decades of keeping these monsters in power, most of the frum community is turning against the Dems. I can’t imagine a frum yid voting for, e.g., Schumer. Right? Right???? [/end sarcasm]


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