Danon Blasts Obama Over Ceasefire Demand


danny-danonMK Danny Danon blasted the United States and President Barack Hussein Obama tonight after Obama demanded that Israel agree to an unconditional ceasefire in Gaza.

“We need a break from the fire that is coming from the Obama administration in Washington. Just as the United States fought resolutely against the Taliban, so must we continue to strike Hamas and destroy its tunnel infrastructure.”

Danon added, “We need to withstand the pressure being exerted upon us and worry about Israel’s interests.”

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}


  1. That’s right! You go boy! Now lets hope israel can really withstand all the pressure being exerted by the vacation going, golf playing “american” islamic president and his croonies.

  2. When candidate Barack Hussein Obama was running for President of the United States, one of his most-often-repeated campaign promises was that if he were elected, America would stop telling other countries what to do.

  3. i would say that the mistake on the absentee ballots back in 2008 calling obama, Barack hussein “osama” wasn’t such a mistake after all


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