Danger: More Parents Believe Vaccines Are ‘Unnecessary,’ While A Mumps Outbreak Grows


The contrast between parents’ attitudes about vaccines today and a decade ago is striking. A survey published today by the American Academy of Pediatrics shows that more and more moms and dads are refusing the shots for their children.

Much of the blame for this phenomenon can be attributed to continuing claims about the link between vaccines and autism – an idea that originated with a paper later shown to be fraudulent and that numerous scientific teams have tested exhaustively and found to be untrue. But while many parents’ scrutiny of vaccines may have been triggered by the autism theories, they have grown beyond those initial concerns.

The AAP study involves a random sampling of about 630 members in 2006 and again in 2013. They found that in 2006, 75 percent of pediatricians who responded had encountered parents who refused vaccines. By 2013, it was up to 87 percent.

That’s a big change, but the more interesting part of the survey is why.

In 2006, the No. 1 reason parents were refusing vaccines was because of concerns about the ingredient thimerosal causing autism. In 2006, 74 said it was about autism. In 2013, that number had declined to 64 percent.

Now, more parents are refusing the vaccine on the grounds that they are “unnecessary” – 73.1 percent in 2013 vs. 63.4 percent in 2006.

That’s stunning because of the scary history of infectious disease in this country. Polio once killed and paralyzed by the hundreds. An outbreak in New York City in 1916 left an estimated 27,000 people infected and 6,000 dead. The disease is now making a comeback in parts of Afghanistan and Pakistan because of poor immunization rates. In a 1964-65 rubella outbreak that is being compared to what’s going on today with Zika, 1,000 babies miscarried or were aborted, and 20,000 others were born with defects because of rubella. A rubella vaccine is now one of the standard vaccines given in childhood.

The rapid speed at which a modern outbreak can spread was underscored in 2014-2015 when a single unvaccinated child with measles at Disneyland in California started an outbreak that spread to 146 people, many of whom were also unvaccinated. There were no deaths, but many became so seriously ill that they had to be hospitalized.

A lot of the recent controversy over vaccines has focused on a new vaccine for HPV, or human papillomavirus, for preteens or teenagers. The adoption of this vaccine has been low, in part because parents and pediatricians may be reluctant to discuss the fact that it protects against a sexually transmitted virus. Health officials have been focusing on the vaccine’s effectiveness for preventing cancer instead.

The AAP paper’s publication coincidentally comes during a week when there’s yet another outbreak in the United States of an infectious disease we can prevent through immunizations. In recent months, at least 36 people have contracted mumps – whose symptoms include puffy cheeks and possibly serious respiratory symptoms – in one Long Island town.

Health officials said that some of those infected had been vaccinated, leading them to wonder whether there is a new strain going around, but that they still believe immunization provides the best precaution and urged everyone in the area who has not gotten the measles, mumps rubella (MMR) vaccine to get it right away. “We’re trying to prevent this from getting larger,” Lawrence Eisenstein, Nassau County’s health commissioner, told ABC News.

The pediatrician survey also showed that more doctors are pushing back at parents who refuse vaccines for their children. In 2006, only 6.1 percent said they “always” dismiss patients for this. In 2014, 11.7 percent said they always dismiss patients. So if you continue to refuse vaccines, it’s your right – but it may be harder to find a pediatrician willing to support that choice than before.

(c) 2016, The Washington Post · Ariana Eunjung Cha 



    • Doctor or naturopath. Besides appeals to authority do not work in medicine .scientific studies are theframeworkof modern medicine . Just because one doctor says some random stuff it doesnt change the studies that prove the opposite .

  1. Matzav, any disease is life-threatening if it is not taken care of. I had mumps years ago and have no side effects. Baruch Hashem, I have life-time immunity. Unfortunately, the media, who are supported by Big Pharma, refuses to report the danger of the vaccine, which contains toxins that can cause neurological damage. Instead, they scare the public into getting another vaccine. If it was effective, we would not hear reports like the above article. Btw, herd immunity is a myth, and I suggest everyone to do their research before they allow their children to be vaccinated.

    • Comments like the above should be censored itis irresponsible to leave comments that fly in the face of reality. Toxins? What proof? Nope just hogwash. People willgo on and on about the stuff contained in vaccines in miniscule amounts but ignore the fact that many thingsthat chemicaly sound scary are in many everyday foods. Tuna has some Mercury. how much tuna do people in general avoid. The people who argue against big pharma are typically the types who argue “do whats natural”. Well hogwash again. Apples were tiny and bitter. Bananas had seeds. Corn had just a few kernels looking similer to a grain type plant etc. How many people avoid those because they are not natural! Humans change whatsnatural thats why humans are at the top of the list!

  2. A single “reputable” doctor from Memphis? Vs so many other reputable doctors from all over the country who say that vaccines are NOT a hoax? Give us all a break! You can always find kooks who will say anything for their 15 minutes of “fame”.
    Will it take another epidemic, R”L, before people realize that there is truth to the importance of vaccinating our children? How foolish can people be? Speak to anyone that lived through the polio scare before there was a vaccine and ask THEM what they think about vaccinations!

  3. Nobody ever died from NOT vaccinating. It is davka those who shoot themselves up with poisonous toxins that die from the bad reaction.

  4. Since we Jews are the nation other nations should look up to, we should avoid crackpot medical, or really anti-medical, theories that kill kids.

    • So why is it that the USA ranks 19 in infant survival of the first year of life? We are behind countries such as Japan and Sweden. Could it have anything to do with our packed vaccination schedule starting at a younger age than any other country? Nah, coincidence.

  5. Many of the comments here are a Chilul HaShem. Our children will die from this.

    A single doctor from Vermont or Tennessee disagrees? I guess these allegedly frum folks will accept one or two rabbis who have gone OTD and say you can drive on Shabbat in a situation other than pikuah nefesh. That is the level of stupidity we have here.

    Even worse is the fact that two Presidential candidates, Donald Trump and Jill Stein, also promote the anti-vaccination nonsense. Should we be faced with a serious disease outbreak we will be defenseless.

  6. Vaccines? Unnecessary.
    Seatbelts? We don’t need ’em.
    Lead poisoning? No such thing.
    Sunscreen? Useless goo.
    Cigarettes? Perfectly safe and non-addictive.
    Heroin? My heroine!
    Lifeguards? A scam – the “O” in H2O is oxygen, which is what we breathe.
    Doctors? Quacks. All of them. Use a shaman.
    Asbestos? How can anything be wrong with a word that has “Best” within it?

    Hey, if you’re gonna be a medical Luddite, may as well do it right. Going halfway is for wimps.

  7. Matzav is helping to spread fake news. All of the Pro vaccine and Pro GMO stories being disseminated by Matzav are from the Pro Vaccine Pro GMO Fake News Meda, which has refused to cover the news about scientific fraud in the CDC. This is because the fake news media gets it revenue from the companies that produce the drugs,vaccines, and GMOs. Professor Wyatt has pointed out in a paper in 2011 in the open vaccine journal, that the 1916 Polio epidemic in New York City was unique in its virulence,rate of infectivity, mortality, and morbidity and may very well have been caused by an escaped mutant strain of Poliovirus – the MV strain – from the Rockefeller research institute which had been experimenting with the Polio virus in an attempt to develop a vaccine. To extrapolate from this one time severe epidemic, and make a case from this for the all vaccines is illogical. The fact is the CDC has been caught lying about the safety of many vaccines and they are not to be trusted. There is a vaccine injury compensation program run by the Federal government that has paid out Billions of dollars since its inception in 1986. The defendant in those cases is the Health and Human services department.This is the same agency that is supposed to regulate the safety of the vaccines. If you don’t see the conflict of interest here maybe it is because you have been brain damaged from vaccines.

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