Daily Daf Yomi Halacha Email


gemaraWe were all inspired by the tremendous Kiddush Hashem that took place just days ago when close to 100,000 people stood in unison at the Siyum Hashas. We were grateful to Hakadosh Baruch Hu for allowing us to reach this monumental milestone and excited to begin the cycle of learning again. Day in and day out men are packing daf yomi shiurim to learn the daily daf.

Bauch Hashem, there is a new initiative that will be able to bring a larger prospective to the daf as well as enhance the learning of any daf yomi shiur. A daily email program, created by the author of the sefer Umekarev Beyemin, has been created where, for a nominal fee, anyone can subscribe to the email which includes the sources for halachic issues that are discussed in that day’s daf. The sources themselves are included as well as a short Hebrew synopsis at the end. This idea will greatly enhance the learning of the individual. It can also be used by the maggid shiur to enhance the daf yomi shiur as well.

May all of the daily Torah learning learned by the thousands of Daf Yomi goers bring yeshua and hatzlocha to themselves and all of  Kala Yisroel.

For further information and a free sample, please contact avizakutinsky@gmail.com.



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