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daf-yomi-digestAmid the joy and celebration marking the 13th cycle of Daf Yomi commencing tomorrow, we recall how a group of Maggidei Shiur of Daf Yomi assembled seven and a half years ago in Chicago. They were members of the Ruben Shas Kollel of The Chicago Center for Torah and Chesed, directed by Rosh Kollel, HaRav Pinchus Eichenstein, shlita, under the leadership of the Zidichover Rebbe, HaRav Yehoshua Eichenstein, shlita.

The Kollel was founded though the vision and support of patrons Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Ruben, enabling Kollel members to spend afternoons studying the daily daf, in preparation for teaching their community-wide Daf Yomi shiurim. At this gathering, these esteemed Torah scholars compared their experiences as Maggidei Shiur of Daf Yomi, and realized they shared common challenges.

Daf Yomi is a mainstay within the frum community, with numerous shuls and batei medrash providing at least one daily shiur on the daf. The levels and backgrounds of participants can vary tremendously, with seasoned Bnei Torah often learning side by side with novice learners. The lomeid hadaf is confronted with a demanding challenge: How can he go through the daf in a fashion that will allow him to keep up with the speed and pace of the daily daf while trying to fully understand and retain the gemara he has learned?

Daf Yomi Digest was created to meet this challenge, by bridging the gap between a fast-pacedshiur and a successful learning experience. Under the direction of Editor Rabbi Benzion Rand, its features were designed to meet the varied needs of Daf Yomi participants. Overview of the Daf provides a comprehensive outline; Distinctive Insight is culled from commentators on the daf; Halacha Highlight explores the analyses of Rishonim and Poskim; Review Questions bolster reinforcement of the material, while Stories off the Daf provide inspirational anecdotes that can be shared with family and friends. The result has been an invaluable and concise resource for thousands of people globally in their quest to finish Shas.

The Daf Digest facilitates understanding of the daf, fosters retention, and offers opportunities for a more intense course of study. From Japan to Australia; from Russia to South Africa; across Europe, the United States and beyond – its impact has been immense.

The thousands of world-wide DafYomilearnerswho have subscribed to this daily free email at dafdigest@thechicagocenter.org attest how a daily investment with Daf Digest brings clarity and comprehension to the learning of Daf Yomi.

numerous Maggidei Shiur use Daf Digest to prepare their shiur and distribute copies to shiur members. They have contacted us to thank us, and tell us what an indispensable aid it provides their teaching of the daf. And they all appreciate the ease and value of accessing archives at www.dafdigest.org. The dream has been realized. Join thousands of current subscribers for this next cycle – the 13th cycle of Daf Yomi – and let Daf Yomi Digest make your Daf Yomi experience so much more meaningful, bringing Nachas to the Ribbono Shel Olam and to your families.

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