Daf Gemara Attracts Popular Israel Singer To Authentic Judaism


Eliezer Nachum, a popular speaker, actor, composer and singer who won the Man of the Year television award in 1999 when he was only nine-years-old, recently spoke of his recent commitment to shemiras Shabbos and Torah study.

“Two months ago I came across a Gemara and began studying it,” he said. “I became greatly attached to it and from day to day I was more and more interested. Today, I have the sefer Vesein Chelkeinu [a daily learning program] of Rav Dovid Kobalsky, which I study a lot. In the evenings I learn a daf or two. It calms me down spiritually and helps me see things in the right proportions.”

Speaking of shemiras Shabbos, he said, “It actually came from non-religious motives. Because of the great pressure of my work, I wanted a free day and decided to go along with Shabbos, and then I found how much power there is in shemiras Shabbos. From there, I got to know Judaism and draw near it and observe mitzvos.

“When I first stopped working on Shabbos it was a great nisayon. Singing on Shabbos brings in very big money from shows and suchlike. In this profession, it’s harder to observe Shabbos than in other careers. But I have no regrets. I keep Shabbos and stand firm against the nisyonos.

David Steger – Matzav.com Israel



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