Cybersecurity Expert John Mcafee: Russia Did Not Hack The DNC


The American propaganda machine is in full gear with the accusation that Russia is responsible for the DNC hack. Instead of just accepting the narrative of blatant warmongers, let’s walk through the evidence with John McAfee, cybersecurity expert.




  1. Huge respect for Mr. Mcafee, but he’s wrong in this instance.

    He is basing all his analysis on the 13 page Grizzly Steppe report that was never intended to be conclusive evidence pointing to Russia. It’s a declassified public report intended to highlight some of the things the malicious actors used when compromising the DNC and other organization systems. Much of the report is aimed at computer and security personnel to scan their own systems for some of the known malware used in the attack.

    In addition, the report outlined only one tool called P.A.S v3.10 that was used in the process of compromising the systems. This was neither the first tool that needed to be used, nor the last tool. P.A.S. can only be used if you possed administrator credentials. Another tool/technique would have had to be used to gain these credentials. It’s also not the last tool that was needed to be used. Looking through wikileaks DNC released emails, the DNC used Microsoft Exchange servers and this P.A.S tool in the Grizzly Steppe report was not capable of compromising an exchange mailbox server, only being a trojan horse on a PHP enabled web server.

    Mr. Mcafee said the tool used is 1.5 years old. Yes, that is true as of NOW. The malicious actors were in the DNC systems since July 2015 (source: CrowdStrike the company that initially discovered the DNC breach). The software was current at time of the attack.

    I find this analysis by Mcafee to be very intellectually dishonest as it doesn’t present the entire picture. The 13 page Grizzly Steppe report neither confirms nor denies evidence pointing to Russia.

  2. Typical Democrat response: “Nah nah nah I’m not listening…”

    I cannot believe that our sitting president is willing to start a war with Russia over this

  3., did you know that McAfee is a fugitive of the law wanted for questioning on murder charges…. And RT stands for Russia Today, a government run news agency. Cmon guys. This is hardly a credible piece.

    • You may want to update your information. He is not a fugitive, the Belize government is not actively pursuing him, but they did seize his property in Belize and his house burned down under suspicious circumstances. It took me a minute to find this out on Google. I suggest you do the same.


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