CVS Fires Veteran After He Tried to Stop Robbers


An Army veteran said he was fired from his management job at a CVS in Beltsville, Maryland after he confronted a pair of robbers who were attempting to steal prescription drugs from the store, reports the WASHINGTON FREE BEACON.

Joe Morici, who served in Afghanistan, told his employees to call 911 when two men jumped the pharmacy counter and demanded access to the store’s safe. As the criminals started to leave the store Morici confronted them.

“My main concern just everyone’s safety in the building,” he told Fox 5. “I reacted out of instinct.”

Morici said that his boss then arrived at the store and informed him he was fired because he intervened in the robbery. Read more at WASHINGTON FREE BEACON.



  1. Sedom! This is what you are going to get more of, in a Hillary Clinton administration. Good luck.


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