Cuomo Upset at Comment Linking Hurricane to Same-Gender Marriage


andrew-cuomo“The comments made by Rabbi Noson Leiter that sought to link the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy to our state’s embrace of marriage equality are as offensive as they are ignorant,” Governor Andrew Cuomo said today.

“This catastrophic storm claimed the lives of more than forty New Yorkers,” he continued. “This kind of hateful rhetoric has no place in our public discourse, and is particularly distasteful in times of tragedy. Our state is proud to offer equal rights to all our citizens, and we will never tolerate the use of a tragedy like Hurricane Sandy to promote a divisive and bigoted agenda. I call on Rabbi Leiter to apologize immediately for his hurtful comments.”

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. How are the Rabbi’s comments ignorant the bible says the big flood came becuase of immoral relationships and the bible says that same-gender marriage is abominable so if a flood could come to destroy the entire world for this, a flood can come to decimate a state for permitting this.


  2. Notwithstanding the Governors complaint and request, we can tie this together. During the time of Noach, Sodom & Gemorrah and today in NYC, men were and are writing Kasubas between men…(and animals). Destruction followed.

    And if you know anything about the Rabbi in question you would know he has been challenging the State in regards to this issue for years.

    Should the Rabbi have said it so the nochrim could hear?

  3. Mr. Governor, our sources for tragedy is the Torah (Bible). Have you ever heard of Noah and the Ark avoiding the world catastrophic flood and devastation caused by immorality something this great city just embraced in the most disgusting way. Wake Up Governor Wake Up

  4. our state is not proud to have u as its governor as ur views are contrary to what has become accepted as a normal lifestyle.

  5. The ignorance is only owned by people who do not understand, or do not want to understand, that the Owner of the World has laws in place.

  6. See my comment on earlier article today regarding these issues:
    The environment is such that they don’t want to listen to us anyway. By antagonizing them we will simply bring unnecessary attention to ourselves – causing a backlash against us and forcing us, in our communities, institutions etc. to respect such rights. The environment is just not right for us to be busy with these issues. I honestly think we are better off keeping quiet and getting whatever we deserve for our institutions and community. But we can’t Chas V’sholom ever support such issues – that would be a terrible Chillul Hashem. We do however have to be politically expedient and not a “chosid shotah”.

  7. We frum people believe in what Chazal teach us. Passing a law legalizing such behavior brings catastrophes. Even though frum neighborhoods were hit as well, that does not dispute the chazal. Once there is destruction it does not differentiate one neighborhood from another. Scared to think what else is coming!

  8. As a politician he doesn’t understand that there are things that are inviolate. He is railing against G-d for calling it disgusting and pledging to destroy its practitioners. Cuomo thinks too much of himself but no more than any historical rasha who warred against Hashem.

    Kudos to the Rov for bringing up the issue. Enough ‘pride’. Ever wonder what they are proud of?

  9. “are as offensive as they are ignorant,”. Silly. The comments (whether you agree or not) are rooted in religious belief. Did the governor mean to say that they are ignorant in the religious realm? Who made him a maven? And if he means scientifically, well duh!

  10. Although we can’t speak for the RBS”O, Cuomo’s rant is a consistent theme of the liberal left: endorse laws that the Torah and RBS”O clearly find repugnant, and then refuse to see any connection between unfortunate events and the passage of these laws.

  11. tell cuomo to get back to working on fixing up the mess in his state and stay out of the rights of religious people to disagree with him. he doesn’t seem this concerned when bloomberg is spreading false propaganda about metzitza b’peh, or dismissing orthodoxy as “a bunch of black hats and beards”. sheesh. luz up!

  12. wait till this rasha get his due reward for pushing and signing this evil law. Then he will admit that the he is the achzuar.

    and as the Hischadus Harboniem said on Koch when Koch gets his punishment for supporting toaivah so will all his supporters. This applies even more to Coumo YMS.

  13. What our wonderful governer doesn’t understand, is that there is a hogher autority – even higher then the governer. It’s not for me to say why Hashem brings this devastation or that one, but why wait for complete destruction c”v to mend our ways. In the Mabul even the animals were punished for misconduct in relationships.

  14. FYI,I googled Maine. When the hurricane made its way up the east coast, it made a sharp turn to the left when it reached Maine. Maine was spared.

  15. every thing that happen must meet the All Mighty’s approval
    foul weather crops catastrophes are all signs of disapproval and a need to change
    failure to do so can result in bad results

  16. Lets look at the facts. Since same gender marriage was legalized we have had major weather disasters. Sandy was history making. We are absolutely required to express our disapproval of Toeiva. Interestingly enough, if we would work on this behavior in our own community first, the world would automatically follow suit. It’s time to educate our sons about the seriousness of this aveira

  17. So why did New Jersey get hit so hard by Sandy? They don’t have same gender marriage there.

    Also, why did Rep. Bob Turner’s house burn down if he opposed same gender marriage (unlike Weprin)?

  18. There is widespread looting in areas affected by Sandy and THIS is what enraged Cuomo. Or is he badmouthing Jews to win public support (like his pal who stood up to the black hatters)

  19. To all of you who think you know the Ribbono Shel OLam’s Cheshbonos: SHAME ON YOU ALL.
    Anyone who assumes that they know and are willing to tell the world , is foolish, ignorant and arrogant.


  21. I warned you, don’t throw Carl Palidino under the bus! You didn’t listen, and now we have Coumo! You people voted for Coumo because you were afraid the gelt would stop. So don’t complain now. We can rectify the situation, somewhat, by voting tomm for the right candidates, like Mitt Romney, David Storobin, BenTzion Axelrod, Wendy Long & Marty Golden. Your vote, carries heavy consequences! Use your Seichel!

  22. Cuomo is consistent in his evil ways, we have to give him credit for that.

    His arrogance is repulsive.

    How dare he attack Rabbi Leiter, Hashem should bless him and watch over him, for exercising his rights to freedom of religion and free speech?

    Impeach Cuomo now (and Bloomberg and the mickey mouse legislators of the NYS Sodom legislature that allowed themselves to be bullied by Cuomo, Bloomberg, et al to pass toeivah legislation)!

  23. The image of the rasha Cuomo should not be published on this site. Who wants to see the face of that arrogant, evil man.

  24. Dear Rav Noson,

    I am writing to you in accordance with your request that I clarify in writing the position of my father zatz”l regarding the legalization of homosexual marriages and euthanasia. Please be informed that my father zatz”l battled with mesiras nefesh against all attempts to legitimize homosexuality.

    It goes with out saying my father zatzal was against the legalization of euthanasia which he considered to be real retzicha (real bloodshed).

    I find it unfortunate that the Leadership of our community has changed it’s attitudes and priorities and is not leading in fighting against attempts to legitimize marriages that only a few years ago was considered an abomination not only by the Torah but by the general community..

    sincerely yours,

    Moshe Soloveitchik
    Chicago, Illinois


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