Cuomo Says De Blasio’s Forced Vacciantions May Be Unconstitutional


Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Tuesday it’s “legally questionable” whether people can be forced to get vaccinated if it violates their religious beliefs — even as Mayor Bill de Blasio in Brooklyn was declaring a public health emergency mandating vaccinations to stop a measles outbreak.

“Look it’s a serious public health concern, but it’s also a serious First Amendment issue and it is going to be a constitutional, legal question,” Cuomo said on WAMC radio when asked a general question about the surge in measles cases.

“Do we have the right — does society, government have the right to say ‘you must vaccinate your child because I’m afraid your child is going to infect my child, even if you don’t want it done and even if it violates your religious beliefs?’ So that is, that’s an issue that’s going to be legally questionable and I’m sure its going to go down that path,” Cuomo added.

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  1. Thank you Governor. You are not buying the hysteria that the minority of minorities is spewing forth. More children drown/die in a bathtub then dying from some silly measles. That is an unfortunate FACT. So maybe we should ban all Parents for giving their toddler’s and babies baths. Same for the flu. How many healthy people died from catching the flu??? HOW MANY??? Enough with the lies!

  2. What if my religous belief is for me to go around with an axe and kill people, can my rights also be protected and have people killed based on my religous belief?

    • Being that those who wrote the constitution were smart enough to realize that people would use your argument to ban whatever religious rights they want, they established the principle that religious freedom may only be curtailed if there is a “clear and present danger”.

      Going around with an axe and killing people is a clear and present danger. Not vaccinating is a lot less clear and the danger is a lot less present (immediate)

  3. If the vaccinations would not be SOOOOOO dangerous and would actually give a person lifetime immunity, they wouldn’t need to force it. Since one needs to update vaccinations every 3 years, why bother? Might as well have your young child get the measles – a mild childhood disease – and never again have to worry about contracting measles because they’ll now have lifelong immunity to all forms of the disease.

  4. I am personally a pro-vaxxer, however, I still don’t understand how come those that were vaccinated and are supposedly protected, why should they be in danger? Shouldn’t the problem just be circulating among non-vaxxers alone? I understand that some who had the vaccine way back prior to a certain time may no longer be protected, so why shouldn’t those people want to anyway re-vaccinate? Can someone shed some light here?

    • “I understand that some who had the vaccine way back prior to a certain time may no longer be protected,” If exposed to someone with measles, vaccination will only cover for about 3 years.

      • That is very funny. “If exposed to someone with measles, vaccination will only cover for about 3 years” So that means that vaccination only works if you are not exposed? So the vaccines don’t work if you are actually exposed to the disease it is trying to prevent???!!!

      • I don’t see your brains (smartness) if you get the measles your fully immuned for life your small Baby will also be immuned for the first 15 month, but if your vaccinated your not 100 immuned and your small Baby will get the measles if she is exposed to it as a small baby and that can be with complications

  5. FYI…The MMR vaccine’s manufacturer’s insert says that the Mumps and Rubella components of this vaccine have NOT been tested for safety in children under 12 months. If you are forced to give this vaccine to your baby under 12 months of age, you may want to have the doctor sign a legal document beforehand that he or she will be financially responsible if something happens to your baby as a result of your baby getting a vaccine that has not been tested for safety for that age. You cannot sue vaccine manufacturers because of a law that was passed in 1986 that makes them not liable for damage or death from their vaccines.


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