Cuomo Personally Appeals To Simcha Felder, Who Could Flip Senate Majority


Gov. Andrew Cuomo has personally appealed to conservative Democratic state senator Simcha Felder to reunite with the Democrats so the party can retake the majority.

Felder said he told Cuomo there was no use talking about him switching allegiance until after the April 24 special election for two Senate seats.

If Democrats win both seats, including a competitive race in Westchester, they would have a 32-31 numerical majority. But that’s only if Felder flips.

That makes Felder a kingmaker who would determine which party controls the chamber. “I have to have a compelling reason to leave [the Republicans],” he said, but added, “I would consider it.”

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  1. Simcha is a loyal satmer chossid and will follow what he is told by the grand Rabbi
    its nice to see strong people who stay loyal
    Coumo only turns to the Rebbi election time,and does whats best for himself and not us chassidim the
    rest of the time.Thank You Simcha

  2. Mr Felder is serving his constituents who put him in office, and they are not liberals like the democrats. So he will vote with Republicans whenever it’s for the interest of his constituents.

  3. Let Cuomo first repeal the immoral redefinition of marriage that he rammed through the legislature a few years ago as a precondition for any talks on this issue.

    • He was only able to do it because the corrupt Senate “leader” Dean Skelos caved in the MINORITY democrats and allowed the bill to be brought to the floor! Much like Jeff Sessions is behaving. Dean Skelos is the reason we have toaiva “marriage” in New York State. Pheh!


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