CUNY Admin Allegedly Said There Were ‘Too Many Jews’ On His Staff


The NY Post reports: A high-ranking CUNY administrator secretly complained about “too many Jews” on the faculty at Kingsborough Community College, according to blockbuster audio obtained by The Post.

Stuart Suss, a former interim president of the school, allegedly made the remark to a Kingsborough professor, who then relayed it to a colleague while being secretly recorded.

“What did you hear him say?” asked Business Department Chairman Jeffrey Lax, who is suing Suss and CUNY over claims of religious discrimination and harassment.

“Oh, that there are too many Jews,” math professor Ronald Forman replied during the April 4 exchange.

Lax’s Brooklyn federal court suit accuses Suss — now vice president of academic affairs at CUNY’s Guttman Community College — of making anti-Semitic remarks and reducing the number of Jews on the Kingsborough faculty.

All three men are Jewish, but Suss and Forman are members of a Conservative synagogue, while Lax identifies himself in court papers as an “Orthodox or ‘obvious’ Jew.” Read more at The NY Post.




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