CULT CRAZINESS: Lev Tahor Absconder Believed Kidnapped


A child who escaped the oppressive and abusive Lev Tahor cult in Guatemala has reportedly been kidnapped.

There are no confirmed reports, because authorities are thus far not discussing the matter.

The latest revelation comes just weeks after a campaign to extricate six children of the Teller family from the extreme cult. Those children were transported to the United States by their mother, Sara Faiga Teller, who is a sister of the new Lev Tahor leader, Nachman Helbrans.

First founded by Shlomo Helbrans (Erez Shlomo Elbarnes) in the 1980s in Yerushalayim, the cult, which fled Child Protection Services in Sainte Agathe, Quebec, and Chatam, Ontario, to Guatemala, has continually abused and tortured its members under the guise of Yiddishkeit. The senior Helbrans died in drowning incident in Mexico during the summer of 2017, supposedly while be toivel in a river.

The cult has been accused of kidnapping, having connections to anti-Zionist Islamic groups, torturing children, and enacting “takanos” that severely restrict the lives and wellbeing of its adherents.

Mrs. Teller’s 13-year-old daughter was forcibly married to a 17-year-old son of the radical Mayer Rosner, a leader of the cult who continues to abuse the children of the community with the help of his cronies, including Yankel Nochum Weingarten and Yoel Weingarten.

The latest reported kidnapping, in which a child was abducted on Monday in the vicinity of the Satmar enclave of Kiryas Yoel, NY, is believed to be an effort orchestrated by individuals connected to the cult.



  1. It’s high time someone “hires” government forces in Guatemala to arrest the ( probably child molesting) cult leaders and brings in professionals to help these unfortunate victims

  2. So matzav is like yevsetzkia world news, censorship is a full time job eh’. Between bashing people you disagree with. How does it feel to have a tongue of fire? Does it feel good to bash the minority, the downtrodden, the ones that just want to be left alone, to spread unconfirmed reports? I am shocked that probably you are from a frum background. Have you sent a reporter, or is this copy paste reporting? Post this of not, you have made yourself a reputation on the backs of good people. How much pain under youf scathing tongue, you have built yourself a tower with the suffering of others. Fech! This applies to yevsetzkia mouthpiece as well. See what Dovid hamelech has to say about the baal haloshon. Lashan Hara awareness programs just apply to petty things, real lashan hara is sanctioned.

  3. So I do apologize for comparing matzav to yevsektzia world news, and censorship, at this time, and for the rest of the acusations, I really hope it’s not true. I do not follow matzav regularly, to have a strong opinion about it. But i started sensing a pattern lately and suspected matzav of being in cahoots with yeshiva world. Since I don’t know the Lev Tahor group personally,
    I was quite on till now. But since the blood libels and witch hunts started about the so called anti vaxers, which I am proudly one of them, I realized that probably most or all that is said about Lev Tahor is a lie, just like all of the lies that are spead about the so called anti vaxers. These lies and the animosity are fostering hate, destroying reputations, bringing to conclusions etc.

    • Dear FeebleCoward, just remember to wear your tinfoil hat when refusing vaccines. Just as you “just believe” antivaxxer quacks, you are a good candidate to “just believe” some cult propaganda. A lack of critical thinking skills does that to you.

  4. Completely fake to call this fake news, all news is fake news so calling this fake is misleading as it leads to the belief that is there is such a thing as real news. And that is what is known as trolling.

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