CRISIS: Mexican Fuel Shortage Threatens Super Bowl Snack


Reuters reports that Super Bowl fans may have to go without guacamole this year if avocado farmers in Mexico cannot send their fruit to the United States because of a prolonged fuel shortage.

Like clockwork, Mexican producers ship thousands of tonnes of avocado to the United States in early February every year, where guacamole is a staple living room snack on Super Bowl Sunday. But the Mexican government’s efforts to clamp down on years of mounting fuel theft has a prompted a week-long fuel shortage that has left many states in central and western Mexico high and dry.

Among those states is Michoacan, the country’s main avocado grower. Producers there expect to ship 120,000 tonnes for this Super Bowl, 20,000 tonnes more than last year. So far, 27,000 tonnes have been sent to the United States for the Super Bowl, which will be held on Feb. 3 in Atlanta, Georgia. The annual football championship is the most-watched U.S. television broadcast of the year, regularly drawing more than 100 million viewers.



  1. Yawn. Who’s interested in watching the Patriots yet again?
    Double good news though. The Dolphins finally did rid themselves of the dumbest coach in history, Adam Gase. What’s even better is that the hapless insufferable accursed NY Jets signed him as their new head coach!!! This loser is going to take them to the promised land?! Boy are New Yorkers dumb and stupid.

    • Wow, David, after all these years, still griping about everything. Well, I’ve got some beef too! If you would’ve handed me the ball more often in the ’81 playoffs, they wouldn’t have replaced you with Don Strock at the end of the first, we might’ve beaten San Diego and my hook-and-ladder touchdown wouldn’t have been buried in the dustbin of history.

  2. Well Don Strock was an expert, with all his head fakes, at drawing the opposing defense off sides. Kellen Winslow was unstoppable that day when it counted. I remember watching that game on TV. Epic in Miami. My stomache was in knots


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