Criminal Sanctions For Get Refuser


A Tel Aviv beis din ruled that Mr. Hermann Fried, 60, may be forcibly induced to give his wife Susi a get. In subsequence of this ruling, he will now be subject to criminal sanctions and subject to extradition from America.

A year ago, the beis din ruled that his get refusal made him subject to the harchakos of Rabeinu Tam. Attorney General Avichai Mandelblitt then upped the status of get refusal from a civil crime to a criminal offense, but only in cases where a beis din rules that the husband can be forced to give a get.

After a deep examination of the case, the Tel Aviv beis din wrote: “In view of the sanctions that were imposed and also the harchakos of Rabeinu Tam, it is possible to force the husband to grant the get and the court turns for help to anyone who can help the wife escape her status as an agunah.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Leaving the Halacha issue aside – there does not seem to be much ambiguity as to who is at fault given the facts as publicly presented – this would be a fascinating legal issue. Would/can the American government extradite somebody for a religion-based crime? If Indonesia, e.g., convicts an American in absentia of blaspheming the “prophet” [a potential capital crime there], would the US honor an extradition request for that American.

  2. Thank you Matzav for perverting the halacha. The most elementary student of Shulchan Oruch is well aware that the harchakos of Rabbeinu Taam is not, in any way, a license for force or kefia. So now, these dayonim mushchasim are going to create another case of aishes ish l’shuk r”l.

  3. he is living comfortably in Miami Beach going to various shuls and disregarding the cherem put on him. What can be done to bring him to justice/


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