Crash Course in Shidduchim


shidduchimYou can’t believe that your child is ready for shidduchim. Not so long ago, you were hoping to meet Mr. Right. And you did – at a Catskills hotel on Shabbos Nachamu, or when you were both advisors at an NCSY event. Or maybe you didn’t meet until both of you made your way to Israel after college, fell in love with Yiddishkeit, and were set up through a shadchan. During the dating process, your parents were largely on the sidelines, only stepping in to plan the wedding.

Fast-forward 25 or 30 years. You and your husband are very different from the young couple who stood under the chuppah all those years ago. Over time, you’ve grown in Yiddishkeit and now consider yourself “yeshivish” or “seriously frum.” You know that your children aren’t going to meet their future spouses the same way you met your husband. And you’ve figured out that parents play a starring role in shidduchim. But what, exactly, are you supposed to be doing? Since they likely don’t offer a crash course in shidduchim at your local shul, consider this your mini survival guide.

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