Cox: De Blasio’s Telephone Justice Cannot Stand


de-blasioThe Wall Street Journal reported this past week that Mayor Bill de Blasio made a phone call to police in the middle of the night to have a political ally of his, Orlando Findlayer, released from jail.

Findlayter had two outstanding arrest warrants for failing to appear in court.

Even Democrats like New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer have called the phone call “problematic.”

Yesterday, de Blasio doubled down on his double standard, telling reporters that his midnight phone call to police was “appropriate.”

“By maintaining that what he did was ‘appropriate,’ Mayor de Blasio affirmed his arrogant, arbitrary use of his power,” said NYGOP Chair Ed Cox. “This kind of ‘telephone justice’ is never appropriate in America. I repeat my call for law enforcement officials to do their job and investigate Mayor de Blasio’s blatant abuse of power.”

{Gavriel Newscenter}


  1. He is just following his mentor the man in the whitehouse who mixed in with the police of Cleveland arresting his friend.Then called the police stupid. This is what AMERICA has come to.

  2. it doesn’t matter. he is a liberal demonrat. if he was a republican it would be the topic of all the press and calls for investigations. this will fall to wayside while bridgegate will continue to get oceans of ink.


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