Court Rules That Agudas Yisrael Must let Women Run for Office


Israel’s High Court of Justice ruled Tuesday that Agudas Yisrael, one of the parties that make up United Torah Judaism, must let women run for Knesset and for city councils, the Jerusalem Post report.

In a ruling of five judges, the court ruled that the Chassidic Agudas Yisrael party must remove a clause in its party charter preventing women from being members of the party. The judges told the party’s representatives to go back to its Moetzes Gedolei Hatorah and change the rule by September 2, three weeks ahead of the deadline for mayoral and city council candidates to announce their candidacy in the October 30 municipal races.

{ Israel News Bureau}


    • what victory? you already have this rule and can join those parties like reform, OO, conservstive, humanists, christians etc etc
      there you can show all you want what women can do. what you want from shomrei torah umitzvosyidden? . is it only by these people you want to show? why?

    • yes, yes show them. how about counting them to minyan, elegible for being witness etc etc. lets just take this outdated torah and dump it and everything will be fine and dandy….and C’V the midas hadin appear like inqui, tach v’tad etc etc. righteous suffer because of evil people like you bring midas hadin on us

  1. Maybe it’s time to stop the apathy of the Israeli people and get rid of this self-appointed anti-Torah G-d-hater radical leftist judges, known as Begatz Shmegatz, once and for all. Who are these non elected people to run the country and to give dayos? Who made them into bosses? They’re like the Deep State and CIA Mafia. GET RID OF THEM IMMEDIATELY!

  2. And next will be toeiva candidates running in the agudah slate. After all you can’t discriminate. And if that evil witch Hillarey yemach shmois would be President she and her radical cronies would close every Yeshiva in America until they teach evolution and toeiva. You think it’s a joke. And hatzolah too would have to close down if they don’t put women Emt s alongside the men. The masses are in the dark. They think it’s only them. It’s happening in Europe. The bastion of radical leftist liberalism. We need Trump more than ever. Trump is saving the Supreme Court from becoming like the lefty israeli Supreme Court. Trump 2020

  3. Let them have a hijab/burka/taliban dressed woman, who, shhh!, is really a man in disguise behind the black shmaatiss!

    This system can hardly get worse!

  4. In a ruling of five judges, the court ruled that the Chassidic Agudas Yisrael party must remove a clause in its party charter preventing women from being members of the party.

    How does that equal letting women run on the Agudah party line?

    If they don’t nominate a woman how can she run on their party line? There are no primaries for this position.

  5. Yes – and the Green Party must make room in their slate for the chemical factory mogul – after all, it’s anti-democratic to have a platform with an agenda that excludes anyone. Chareidi newspapers have no right to censor pritzusdik ads and op-eds must include every single opinion across the spectrum. Aspiring women rabbis must be allowed to take rabbanut tests for smicha. Such horiffic discrimination!

  6. Ezra’s Nashim should be more discreet. You can’t go to the secular media and make a tummel. You can end up destroying Hatzalah in the process. You need to have rabbis who will guide you how exactly to go about it. This is not a feminist charade. I heard in Skver town they have women responding to women in childbirth. It can be done. But not by making a movie and taking taking on the establishment.

  7. What women are capable of if the men permit,,,,

    Just making fun of your silly comment, bcuz of women are so capable let them start their own party.

    Actually they did run their own party (sponsored by $$ from GS) & they failed badly, so now they want to join the men party.


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