Court Freezes Demolition Of Illegal Arab Neighborhood In Yerushalyim


The Jerusalem District Court issued an order to freeze the planned demolition of an illegal Arab neighborhood constructed in the northernmost area of the Israeli capital.

Six illegally constructed high-rise apartment buildings in the neighborhood of Kafr Aqab had been designated for demolition by the Jerusalem Municipality. The court order was issued after residents of Kafr Aqab filed an appeal to prevent the demolition.

The court ordered the municipality to issue a response to the appeal by the end of January 2018, and a discussion on the issue is scheduled to take place Feb. 28.

While Kafr Aqab is under full Israeli sovereignty, it is located on the opposite side of Israel’s security fence along the border with the disputed territories, and is difficult for Israeli authorities to access. Due to the neighborhood’s location, illegal construction in Kafr Aqab is commonplace.

The six apartment buildings that were slated for demolition were built without any official approval from the Jerusalem Municipality. A new highway was slated to be constructed in the area following the planned demolition.




  1. The judenrat orders complete demolitions of entire legal buildings if a minor part is built without a permit – if belonging to Jews. While allowing entire huge apartment buildings illegally built and occupied for decades without a single permit – if by Arabs. A Jewish state?!

    • The Zionist had no intentions of Israel being a Jewish state but a state for Jews – AND for others. However. the court MUST always make sure to please the Arabs and to rule against the Torah whenever possible. Our only hope is saying the prayer Hashiva Shofteinu 3x daily with lots of kavanah.

  2. Typical Israeli court won’t allow demolition of clearly illegal Arab building but okays demolition of Jewish homes on the unsubstantiated claims of ownership by an Arab!!!! Why are Jews treated as second class citizens in Israel?


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