Court Appeal Against Yerushalayim Police’s Use of “Skunk Water” at Hafganos


Four Yerushalayim residents appealed to the High Court against police use of skunk and dyed water. They claim that it intrudes on people’s right to demonstrate and is a collective punishment due to the harm it inflicts on bystanders.

Two of the appellants were owners of pizza and balloon shops on Bar Ilan Street damaged by the water. A third lives lives on Shomrei Emunim Street, and said police deliberately aimed skunk water at his balcony three times, injuring one of his grandchildren.

{ Israel}


  1. These Zionist Kapos animals only use skunk water at chareidim, never at the daily demonstration of the invalids or other secular protests.

  2. ” it intrudes on people’s right to demonstrate”


    People can demonstrate, e.g. hold signs peacefully. But if they block traffic, then they need to be dispersed, and the water is one means of getting that done.

    • Hey ?, the judenrat capos skunk up everybody indiscriminately, including peaceful protesters that don’t block any traffic. Not only that, but the capos target even non protesting bystanders and local homes and businesses.

  3. Chazal teach us אוי לרשע אוי לשכנו, woe to the neighbor of the rasha.

    If people are neighbors of reshaim who block streets, woe to them.

    Therefore, as Chazal say, הרחק משכן רע, stay far away from a bad neighbor.


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