Court Advocates Childcare Centers For Children Of Yungeleit


The Israeli Supreme Court recently rejected an appeal submitted by the Chiddush organization and the Ne’emanei Torah Va’avodah group which sought to prevent working wives of yungeleit from sending their babies and small children to government supported childcare centers.

The appeal was submitted immediately after the present coalition canceled legislation made by the previous Lapid government that had denied the use of such day centers to children of yungeleit and limited their use exclusively to cases where both spouses hold jobs. The vicious appeal argued that cancelling Lapid’s innovation would encourage yungeleit to not seek jobs.

“The Reform and the Ne’amanei Torah Va’avodah never stop trying to persecute Torah students and yungeleit with anti-Semitic wickedness,” Moshe Gafni said. “Sadly, just as anti-Semites persecuted Torah students in every generation, so they will continue trying to persecute them in the future.”

{ Israel News}


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