Court: $1.7M Missing From Menachem Stark Account


menachem-stark5Information from the investigation of the murder of R’ Menachem Stark z”l has come in dribs and drabs. Tight-lipped NYPD investigators aren’t saying much, either because they haven’t uncovered sufficient info or because they are keeping details under wraps until the culmination of their investigation of the tragic January 2 murder of the frum Williamsburg father of 7.

However, reports now indicate that a court-ordered review of an account controlled by Reb Menachem reveals that $1.7 million was improperly removed from the account, which belonged to Reb Menachem and his business partner.

The missing money came from a $2 million account that Reb Menachem’s company was ordered to maintain to keep a 74-unit apartment building running after a 2009 bankruptcy declaration.

Court filings on Tuesday revealed that $1.7 million was recently taken. Further details are unknown.

{Andy Newscenter}


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