Couple Who Took in Nikolas Cruz Insist There Were No Warning Signs


The couple who took in suspected Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz after his mother died is speaking out for the first time – and they insist they had no idea he was capable of allegedly opening fire at a school.

James and Kimberly Snead said they knew Cruz had guns, but said they practiced gun safety and made him keep them locked up. James Snead told the Sun-Sentinel he believed he had the only key to the gun safe and said Cruz had to ask permission to take the guns out. He said he didn’t realize Cruz had his own key that allowed him to access the guns.

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  1. They are lying since each lock comes with 2 keys and they said they had one key. Sounds like they are hidding the fact that they allowed the boy to have the second key.

  2. The NRA is a terrorist organization.

    On Oct. 16, 2017, the city of Newark, N.J., announced a federal
    lawsuit against 10 drug companies that manufacture prescription
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    By January, New York City, the largest city in America, did the same.

    Newark, NJ, Files Suit Against Opioid Manufacturers
    history of

    None of these lawsuits argue that the pharmaceutical companies
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    This has worked before. The 1998 Master Settlement Agreement forced
    tobacco manufacturers to pay $206 billion for tobacco-related deaths
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    Sounds a lot like the gun industry.

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more
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    year were under the age of 19. Even if you believe in the premise of
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    The grand total of U.S. deaths from terrorism and extremist activities
    over the last decade is 71.

    In fact, if you added up the numbers of every American casualty of
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    There is no doubt that guns are a worse problem than terrorism in
    America. The ease of acquiring firearms causes thousands of needless
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    examination of mass-shooting deaths, The Root found that 253 people
    were killed by semi-automatic assault-style weapons since 1966.

    Every Argument Against Commonsense Gun Control Broken Down to Its
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    Even though polls show that 90 percent of Americans have no problem
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    The NRA’s crusade against gun reform has nothing to do with the will
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    Even though the organization claims to have 5 million members (a
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    Most gun owners don’t belong to the NRA — and they don’t agree with it either

    According to, the NRA spent an average of $3 million
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    “ …with intent to endanger, directly or indirectly, the safety of
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    The gun debate has never been about the Second Amendment. Most
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    Attorney Leslie Thompson, who works with companies on the legal
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    “But the ability to exercise a constitutional right can be regulated,”
    Thompson explained, noting that age and ID requirements are required
    to vote. “Even the right to freedom of speech is subject to slander
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    Although lawmakers, careless gun owners and retail outlets are not
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    The NRA’s complicity in thousands of deaths every year is directly
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    The National Rifle Association should not be exempt. It is more
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    trite aphorism used most often by the organization that has become a
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    Guns don’t kill people …

    The NRA does.

    • If I had time, I would go through that entire nonsensical price of pontification and take it apart, line by line.

      Firstly, why would you include suicide deaths in gun crime statistics?
      Are people less safe because someone else took their own life with a gun? No.

      Now for your nonsense that the NRA is not representative of a huge % of the US population.
      The US chamber of commerce spent $104m lobbying the US government last year. It boasts a membership of a whopping 200,000.
      The NRA spent the gigantic amount of $5m lobbying last year. With a membership of 20 times the US chamber of commerce but spent only 1/20.
      Seems that it’s interest is far greater than you think.
      If you calm down and think who you are likely to call in the case of a robbery, its…….wait for it……someone…..with a gun! Now imagine if all criminals knew that they were coming to a house where almost definitely the owners were armed, do you think they would enter? Of course not.
      If younlook at the.crime statistics, the vast vast majority of crimes are in areas and cities with strict gun control. Go outside of the ‘gun free’ cities and crime falls to almost inexplicably low numbers. Now don’t forget, all the mayor’s of these large cities live in gated houses with armed security. Its only the people that aren’t allowed to have arms.

      More guns in the hands of only criminals, more death.
      More guns in the hands of responsible civilans, more protection and safety for everyone.

      • Well, I guess that makes me a terrorist. As well as most of my family, and a significant amount of my friends. Wow, we are the most peaceful terrorists I know of, considering none of us have ever murdered anyone or tried to. Also weird that among such “terrorists” as us are cops, soldiers, EMTs, and random peaceful citizens. Not your usual terrorist crowd. Please, keep the hateful rhetoric down. thanks.

  3. Of course the couple who took him into his home did not notice any warning sign. These warning signs just occurred after the FBI was contacted that there’s a dangerous person walking around the community.

  4. No warning signs??!!
    A loner, expelled from school with a history of behavior problems and apparently very few, if any, friends and with training and access to guns— what did they need -a neon sign?

  5. Stop blaming these people. He had problems for many years but these people knew nothing about them. They felt bad and opened their house to their son’s friend. He only lived there 3 months and they probably did not want to pry too much as he had lost his mother on Nov. 1 They are not to blame. Years of reports to child welfare and a direct report to the fbi about a post planning a school shooting, classic signs of psychosis such as shooting animals etc were all ignored.

  6. also to blame is the system of care (or lack thereof) for adults and children with mental challenges.whatever ‘treatment’ is available is dictated by insurance companies who discharge mental patients after only a few days as inpatient regardless of severity. also, the school system who sends a troubled young man into the street. while i an very opposed to guns, someone who is bound and determined to kill will find guns; legal gun owners are not the ones to blame for this. even had every person inlos vegas been armed, the bullets that rained down on the people below would not havebeen stopped. and dont forgot that this young man was old and smart enough enough to be heldresponsible for his own behavior

  7. Please see, where it relates that Mr. Cruz actually told the police that “voices in his head” from “demons” directed him in doing the massacre!

    FROM THIS POINT ALONE (besides the many other serious mental problems that he was known to have) it looks like there is already strong indication that this Mr. Cruz has the status in Halacha of, Lo Alaynu, a “Shoteh” – a fully insane person, who, understandably, is not responsible for his terrible destructive actions. So he probably should not be Chaiyav Meesa – he should not get the death penalty, and he should not be even Chaiyav being locked in CRIMINAL prison. His defense lawyers should thus be fully pleading the insanity defense, requesting action on him to be appropriate confinement in that direction.


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