Couple That Was Childless For Over 16 Years Welcomes Twins


A great joy in the Brachfeld neighborhood of Modi’in Illit this week where a couple  welcomed twins after 16 years of childlessness at the end of last week Shaare Zedek Hospital in the capital.

Rabbi Aharon Levin, 44, and his wife Miriam, 44, the granddaughter of the Gaon R’ Yitzchak Zilber zt “l, the brand new parents of two children, are residents of Brachfeld. R’ Ahron is a talmid in the Mir Yeshiva in Brachfeld and learns in a local kollel as well.

On Friday night, hundreds of people in the neighborhood arrived at the shul to celebrate with the father and wish and wished mazal tov to the happy couple.



  1. We collectively should celebrate the Mazel Tov and Chesed elyon with the same enthusiasm as when we hear not good news lo alienu. May the parents be zocah to raise their children to be Ovdei Hashem. (Upon Moshe Rabbinu’s death the Torah H’kdosha mentions his avodes Hashem. Even though Moshe Rabbinu transmitted Torah to klal yisroel). Oif Simchos!


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