Countdown to Destruction: Amona Residents Defend Decision To Reject Compromise


Residents of Amona held a press conference this afternoon during which they sought to explain their decision to reject a proposed compromise the previous night, which would have allowed them to transfer their homes to available land in a different area in the outpost on condition that their owners acquiesce in the evacuation of their original location, Kobi Nachshoni and Elisha Ben Kimon report for Ynet.

“The state made no commitment to anything and it is putting a gun to our heads,” said Avichai Boaron, who is heading the struggle against the evacuation. We have sacrificed our homes but we won’t agree to destroying our children’s souls.

“We were prepared to accept the destruction of our homes by moving from home to another so long as a Jewish town remained on the mountain and as long as our children could continue walking the paths of their childhood.”

In light of the fact that there was no guarantee existed to ensure this however, Boaron said, the residents of Amona decided, by an absolute majority, to reject the proposal.

{ Israel / Photo: Alex Kolomoisky}


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