Coulter: If Kavanaugh Nomination Goes Down, Then the Media Is ‘Running the Country’

Judge Brett Kavanaugh, of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, in attendance at Georgia Supreme Court Justice Britt Grant’s confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee to be U.S. Circuit Judge for the Eleventh Circuit, on Wednesday, May 23, 2018.

Conservative commentator and author Ann Coulter said on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that Democrats are using allegations of  assault against Judge Brett Kavanaugh “purely for delay.”

“Last week, we started getting polls that were saying Democrats have a shot at taking the Senate [in the midterms],” Coulter said, adding that she believed that is the reason for the sudden call for delay.

“If they get away with this, then you have CNN running the country,” Coulter said. “It’s not even just the Democrats running the country, it’s the media running the country because this allegation can be made against anyone at any time. Absolutely non-disprovable.”

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  1. Not sure how Matzav can quote this woman who is a shameless anti-semite who holds that yidden need to be perfected by yoshka pondrik .

    Veiter, she doesn’t like the media —- but she is the media. Fech on her.

  2. Fake News media Enemies of the People IS running the country. They are censoring real news, Google, Twitter and Facebook.

    Fake News media Enemies of the People MUST BE BANNED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

  3. This is sick, I thought the Democrats couldn’t get any dirtier or slimier in their attacks on Trump and conservatives, but to attack such an upright, honest guy like Judge Kavanaugh and smear him,ridicule his family has passed all bounds of decency even for politicians!

    • The problem is, the Rinos that control the Republican party don’t know how to respond. They fold like a cheap camera. They will never use the same tactics against the Democrat’s because it might “hurt their feeling’s”. They might be called racists and other hurtful names. We must bend over backwards to our enemy, ulai, maybe, they’ll leave us alone. It’s the same infantile mentality used by the Israeli government after the Arabs attack and murder them.

  4. The media-crity has been running this country since the late 70’s when they anointed a peanut farming bumpkin as a savior. Similar initials notwithstanding, no saving occurred.

    Regarding the allegations against Judge Kavanaugh, let’s separate fact from fiction. Violence is still violence, at 17 or at 71. There is no excuse, and speaking from the glorious memories of high school, for violence or threatened violence against a girl. Boys will be boys is not a valid defense. Girls being flirtatious is not a valid excuse. A judge doesn’t have to be a saint, not in the contract. All biases are fair game and making reasonably sure that this nominee hasn’t retained his juvenile biases is okay.


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