Could The Big Game Be Bad For Your Heart?


beerJunk food, beer, cheers and jeers are all part of game day, but how stressful are they all on the heart?

Dr. Richard Shlofmitz from St. Francis Hospital says screaming at the TV while chowing down on unhealthy foods isn’t the best combination for your heart.

“Your emotions are rising up and down and you are eating bad things. You’re usually eating fried foods, salty foods, you’re drinking If you have a heart condition, it could be exacerbated,” he said.

While it may be hard to do, Shlofmitz recommends staying away from too much salt like potato chips and fried foods and says if you start experiencing certain symptoms, seek help right away.

“If you’re getting tightness in your chest, shortness of breath, light-headed, arm pain, dizziness, those are things you better get checked out,” he said.

{CBS Local/ Newscenter}


  1. There’s an even simpler solution – don’t watch it at all. Learn some Gemara or help your kid with his or her homework. Call up someone lonely. Pick up a sefer Tehillim. Help your wife do the dishes. You get the message.


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