Cops Continue Search At Apartment Of Murderer Levi Aron


levi-aron-streetIt’s been a working weekend for the Brooklyn district attorney’s office, which is trying to make sure the case is air-tight against Leiby Kletzky’s killer, Levi Aron.

CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman has some new insight into the past of the man accused of taking the 8-year-old boy’s life.

“We’re gathering as much forensic evidence as we can,” Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes said.

DA Hynes said that the evidence that was being taken from Levi Aron’s house will be part of the murder indictment against him, which will be unsealed this week.

“We will ask for the main charge of felony murder, based on the kidnapping, which is murder in the first degree,” Hynes said.

Four days after Aron was arrested, police were still using the house as an active crime scene Sunday – still taking evidence out of the house and loading it onto their truck.

Parents walked past police barricades with children on the street, right past where young Leiby was killed, police said, in Aron’s apartment.

Yosef Moskowitz, who still lives on the block, grew up with Aron.

“I knew him. I used to play board games with him, softball,” Moskowitz said. “He seemed to me to be very normal then.”

When the childhood friends reunited after having gone separate ways, Moskowitz said Aron was different – and now, police say, he committed this heinous crime.

“Well, obviously he needed help, he really needed psychiatric help,” Moskowitz said. “Somewhere along the line, the people, maybe the family, missed it.”

At indictment in the case is expected to be handed up early this week.

{WCBS 880/ Newscenter}


  1. He should get life imprisonment without chance of parole! since NY state made it unconstitutional to have capital punishment.
    His story doesnt make sense. No kid,is gonna go willingly to a wedding upstate and just sit in the car waiting for him to come out!!!
    This guy is starting to fit classic profile of a serial killer, for example disposing of the entire body except for the feet, which it seems Aron kept as a trophy. If you do a little research on past child killers there is alot of similarities…. May G-d rest the boys soul, and grant peace to the family. Amen.

  2. Ask yourselves, honestly and truthfully, have you nothing better to do than to pore over each and every gory detail and tidbit of “information” that is laid before you?

    And if you do, have you ever stopped to consider: “Is this correct, or is it just cheap journalism at its lowest level”?

    Have any of you got any respect for the feelings of the ????? ???????? It would appear not.

    Have none of you ever heard of ????? ????

    ??????? ???

  3. Its my believe that terribe things like this happen to people adicted to television and internet. Daily exposure to violence, impudence,inmorality,makes people insensitive and cold. I have seen how the youth becomes angry and depressed from constant brain damaging information. It affects some people more than others but it affects every budy one way or the other. There is a huge difference between a pure person protected from this to a person exposed to it. You can see it in their eyes ,their way of talking ,and dealing with day to day life.

    For me he snaped from so much negative information in the brain. At least lets learn a lesson from that and protect ourselves and our children from all that garbage poisoning us daily.

  4. I am sure he did know about his home life, but, unlike most other people, he knows that there are hilchos lashon hara – even when referring to a family of a murderer, and there is certainly no point in discussing these facts in a public forum where absolutely no toeles will come out of it!!!!!!

  5. Let’s wait until the professionals, the psychiatrists, give their evaluation. After all, they have the years of education and experience.

    And really, #4, the majority of the 308 million people in the US watch TV, and only the tiniest fraction of them “snap.” It might be better to admit that right now we just don’t know, and wait until we have more reliable information.

  6. Somehow, I think that “Rabbi Avraham Goldstein” has disqualified himself meletchila from telling us that “Its my believe that terribe things like this happen to people adicted to television and internet”.

    If that is his solemn belief, what is he doing here in the first place?

    Perhaps the “learned rav” could spend an hour or so doing a remedial English spelling class?

  7. Dear no.8

    I believe that the internet can be used ONLY to do buisness and to do kiruv! I use it for both!

    about spelling lessons…I have bigger problems to resolve than just spelling English correctly. I came here to post my opinion not to insult others. However you well understood my posting!


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