Conway Explains Why Trump Tweeted About Franken But Not Moore


President Donald Trump felt compelled to tweet out his thoughts on allegations against Sen. Al Franken because they represented a “brand new news story,” counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway said Friday, explaining away the difference between the president’s Franken tweets and his relatively couched comments on allegations against Republican Roy Moore.

“Al Franken was a brand new news story yesterday and the president weighed in as he does on the news of the day often enough,” Conway told Fox News Friday morning.

“The Roy Moore story is eight days old and the president put out a statement during his Asia trip on that. and since then, our press secretary has spoken on behalf of the president saying that he believes the people of Alabama will sort out what to do with Roy Moore and with that election.” Read more at POLITICO.



  1. Franken was never funny. Even his SNL skits sucked. He is a blowhard full of hot air. The problem is the voters of Minnesota are so stoned they always vote for the biggest wacko that’s out there. Jesse Ventura anyone?


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