Continued Tefillos for Boy Who Was Hit By Bat, Name Added


tehillimYidden around the world remain concerned regarding the condition of a thirteen-year-old bar mitzvah boy who was hit in the head last week by a baseball bat.

The bochur, whose bar mitzvah took place last Shabbos, is at Jersey Shore Medical Center in Neptune, NJ, where he was treated for serious head injuries after a flying bat hit him in the head the day before Taanis Esther.

A name, Chaim, has been added, so the bochur‘s full name for Tehillim is Chaim Yosef Meir ben Miriam Henya.

Yosef Meir’s father has offered words of strength to all Yidden davening for his son, stating that “only tefillos that are embedded with emunah and bitachon to Hakadosh Boruch Hu, Who is the true Rofei Chol Bosor, will make the difference.”

The family says that some improvement was seen over Shabbos, but Chaim Yosef Meir is in need of great rachamei Shomayim.

All are asked to continue davening for Chaim Yosef Meir ben Miriam Henya, may he have a refuah shelaimah bekarov.

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  1. Not being frum, or sometimes simply not understandin certain words, I certainly hope the father is not saying that only certain prayers will help his son. I have been praying for the boy since day one, and would hate to think MY prayers are not considered to make a difference.

  2. Dear anony,
    He just means that everyone should pray with true faith in Hashem that only Hashem is the ultimate Healer and He has the power to make this boy well again, no matter what prognosis the doctors may give him.

  3. I think he’s simply saying that you have to believe that your prayers will help. If one is not sincere in his prayers, and does not believe they can help the boy, then it would seem as though that person’s prayers would not be beneficial. Regardless of how frum one is, sincere prayer can only help.

  4. How about adding a comma and it sounds a little different: “only tefillos, that are embedded with emunah and bitachon to Hakadosh Boruch Hu, Who is the true Rofei Chol Bosor, will make the difference.”

  5. Anony,
    What the father meant was that prayer, as opposed to medical efforts, will be the primary cause of saving his son. Please keep praying.

  6. G-d listens to the prayers of all his children, whatever language they may speak. Emuna and bitachon mean trust and belief. Unfortunately, people sometimes pray without really thinking about what they are saying, and without truly believing that it is G-d who is the all-powerful healer. I believe what the father is saying is actually self understood. That when we pray we must trust and believe in G-d and his ability to cure. It would seem obvious to me that any prayer uttered without a belief in the healing powers of the one he is praying to is just words.

  7. A speedy Refuah Shleimah for Chaim Yosef Meir ben Miriam Henya! Hashem yerachem alav. We all need to say Tehilim for him!
    To commenter #1, anony: Every sincere tefilah is counted! Saying Tehilim (Psalms)is potent!

  8. Thats not what he is saying at all. He is saying that only if we believe and have faith ib Hashem that He is the true healer, then He will listen to our prayers. Please contine praying and we should very soon hear that he ia totally recovered!

  9. I am writing this response as the boys father. My wife and I appreciate everyones prayers on behalf of our son. What I said about people’s intentions while they pray is the following. I was asking that everyone should think that no matter what the prognosis is, that G-D runs the world and not the doctors. An no matter the condition there can be a complete recovery. I am thankful to everyone that has been praying.

  10. To “anony” in Comment #1:

    Of course, your prayers are very good and make a difference!

    The boy’s father though, was pointing out something else: A true prayer has to be “embedded with emunah and bitachon to Hakadosh Boruch Hu, Who is the true Rofei Chol Bosor.” This means that when a person prays for someone, he needs to keep in his mind the realization that he is talking to G-D, The Absolute Creator and Master of everything, Who is, obviously, THE Only One Who makes people sick and THE Only One Who makes them well.

  11. To anony:
    I don’t believe the boy’s father was excluding your prayers. Your prayers have a great impact in Heaven, whether you are frum or not. All the boy’s father meant was that the prayers should be passionate; the one praying should be filled with inspiration. So while you may not keep all the mitzvohs/commandments, the fact that you are praying shows that deep down, in times of need, you do believe in G-d. That is what emunah and bitachon are, not how many mitzvohs you do. Your prayers are extremely valuable, and they certainly make a difference.

  12. TO #1: All the father said is that our prayers need to be infused with faith and that G-D is the Healer of all flesh so keep praying:)

  13. It is inspiring to hear that you have been praying for Chaim Yosef Meir. Certainly your prayers make a difference. The father is saying that when we pray we must believe and trust in Hashem Who is the Healer

  14. You are misunderstanding him. Of course your prayers make a difference as does the prayers of all people who believe in Him

  15. Response to Anony- the father was saying that if a person merely prays without thinking about what is being said or that the One he is speaking to has the ability to heal the boy then it’s not worth much. If however we recognize that we are speaking to the Lord of the Universe who has the ability to heal this boy and that G-d in his love has given us the tremendous gift to pray and that those prayers make a difference- such prayers carry much more weight. Anony, thank you for your prayers and may Chaim Yosef Meir ben Miriam Henya have a speedy and complete recovery.

  16. To no1- thanks for your prayers. I understand what he’s saying to be: the power of the prayer depends all on its sincerity and quality. He is not speaking about whose body to which the particular mouth offering the prayer is attached. There is no opinion offered regarding the persona of the prayer but of the prayer itself.

  17. I don’t know the circumstances around this incident.

    This should be a wake up call to the many yeshivos that do not have properly supervised free time.

    May we see only simcha and may this boy have a speedy refuah.

  18. There were two techers standing by the boy when he was hit. The issue was not supervision. The boy was over twenty feet from the batter, and not anywhere near the field of play, as he was not playing. The bat flew out like a missle. It was min HaShamayim, and to fix this situation we must all daven to Avinu ShebaShamyim. We should be zoche to all partcipate in the Seudas Hodaah B’Karov.

  19. Thank everyone for the explanations. I will still pray with ferverance, in my own way, that there be a full recovery.
    My heart goes out to the family, and wish you all the strength to deal with this unfortunate accident.
    Every child is a gift from G_D


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