Conservative Female “Rabbi” Says EL Al Accomodating of Chareidim Violates US Law


elalA New York Conservative female rabbi and attorney is calling on people to put pressure on airlines by using a U.S. federal law that forbids discrimination on flights to and from the United States.

Haaretz reports that Iris Richman, who calls herself a rabbi and founded the group Jewish Voices Together a year and a half ago to address issues of religious pluralism in Israel and the U.S., posted a callout on Facebook quoting “49 U.S. Code § 40127 – Prohibitions on discrimination a) Persons in Air Transportation.” According to this directive, she wrote, “An air carrier or foreign air carrier may not subject a person in air transportation to discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, gender or ancestry.”

Richman told Haaretz that she called the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Aviation Consumer Protection Division and was informed that the department was “willing to investigate any situation where any employee of a carrier, i.e steward/ess participated in asking someone to change a seat because of their gender.”

“I did the research to figure out who in the U.S. is responsible to redress this wrong,” she told Haaretz. “There are no private damages, but if the Aviation Consumer Protection Division finds that airline personnel were involved in any act of gender (or other impermissible) discrimination against a passenger – they will take action and levy a sanction against a carrier. This applies to any carrier flying to or from the U.S.”

El Al responded that it does not discriminate against passengers. An airline spokeswoman told Haaretz, “Our policy in general is to try to accommodate any customer request.”

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. Female ‘rabbis’ are like drinks for bad religion. Take one for a walk and you probably wont come back.

    Their societies are not human.

    Torah gives grass to them in the world to come.


  2. No she isn’t. She just hates authentic Judaism. She is desperatly trying to fit in with the surrounding culture. No one told her that if jews aren’t kodesh the gentiles will make havdolah. I guess didn’t study the holocaust. Hitler y”msh didn’care what kind of jew the ones he killed, were.

  3. to # 1 no she is not crazy except that she is enlightened and so called educated that her hatred against the Orthodox religion is so strong that she is blinded by it a common thing among sick leftists who know better

  4. I would bet if El Al needed to
    Accommodate Muslims request
    To seat their women somewhere
    else there would be no problem
    showing them respect!!!

  5. Instead of inflaming against Chareidim and possibly committing Messirah, let the Conservative activist fly Saudi Air!

  6. I once heard A wise Rabbi say ” why is it that all those who speak in the name of tolerance always have the least amount of it “. I am finally starting to understand his words.

  7. When I was a teenage girl, I was put between a middle age man and lady on a plane, and asked if I can switch seats to sit next to a female, why wasn’t a stink made that a chareidi teenage girl discriminates against middle age man

  8. She is digging her own grave. This is the same thing the refom jews did before the war. when the goyim come after ther jew they don’t discriminate between conservative or orthodox. she’s another self hating and destructive jew

  9. Did she have this inspiration on Yom Kippur? Perhaps Jokish Theological Seminary should advise their fellow travelers to wear full plastic bodies when in the proximity of Haraydim.

  10. ROFL!!! Discrimination must be stamped out! All we have to do is hire a goy (I am not going to set foot in her “synagogue”….) and find out about the arrangements with regards to the restrooms. I sure hope Ms “Rabbi” did not make the stupid mistake of having “ladies” and “gentlemen” as most USA toilets are….

  11. There is no such thing as a female rabbi.
    This is just another lie from the peddlers of Reform a phony religion that is falsely portrayed as Judaism.

  12. How can you say there is no such thing as a female Rabbi? Have you ever heard of devora? Or you don’t learn tanach in that pace you call a yeshiva?

  13. If this had been another woman with the “Rabbi” prefix attributed to her name, this meshuga’as would not have gotten the press that this is getting.


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