Conservative And Reform In Israel


Up to 13% of Israeli Jews (800,000) identify as Reform or Conservative but less than one percent (12,000) pay synagogue dues, Israel’s Jewish People Policy Institute (JPPI) reported.

The two movements have 125 communities in Israel, 56 of them with permanent synagogues, 85 communal rabbis and 1,800 youngsters in youth movements.

All these figures are significantly larger than even one decade ago, JPPI said, and could increase to the extent that 20-30% of secular Israelis view non-Orthodox Judaism as preferable in the near future.

The movements’ greatest progress is in conducting alternative lifestyle events – they conduct 1,000 weddings, 3,000 bar/bat mitzvah ceremonies, 400 conversions and close to 1,000 funerals and conversions yearly. The movements receive millions of shekels from the government versus the billions received by Orthodox groups.

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  1. What a true chillul Hashem ( much more so than a few Bochurim blocking an intersection) that these movements which are not part of yidishkeit are so prominent in the holy land.

    • How dare you compare bochurim blocking an intersection making a kiddush Hashem berabim with these menuvlaim making a chillul Hashem. Shame on you.

  2. These figures are outright falsehoods. 13% reform??? Make your own poll. Just ask people on the street in Tel-Aviv. Secular Israelis are non-practising Orthodox Jews.

  3. Reform and Conservative are fantasies. Neither one of them is Judaism or has anything to do with Judaism. They are both recent creations by devient scoundrels who fooled a bunch of naive people into thinking that their made-up “religion” is real Judaism when, in fact, it is not. We have to embrace these misguided neshumas. Invite them to your home for a Shabbos, a Yom Tov or just for coffee and a shmooze about real life.

    • actually over 200 yrs, since a little before chasam soifer ztvk’l.
      in anycase, thier stand was always to become assimilated with the christians which happened 80% and finally braught about the churben of 1939-1945.MANY TZADDIKIM and we heard it from the holy skulener rebbe ztvk’l in 1972.. at a drash in agudah of BP 14 ave..’de haskuleh started in Germany and de churbin started in Germany’ And nobody start crying that MONSTER IN HUMAN FLESH didnt differenciate which is the most stoo…saying see rashi Noach beginning ‘horgos raim v’tovim.

  4. The numbers might be very wrong, here is why;
    Many people in Israel mix up “Masorti” (Traditional) for Conservative, while in fact Masorti is not an ideology but rather a secular lifestyle with some remains of Orthodox culture.
    There are no Masorti Rabbis, they just follow the Orthodox Rabbis – partially.
    In addition, most Masorti Jews are Sefardi, while the Reform and Conservative movements are pure Ashkenazi stupidities.
    Masorti Jews would never go to a Conservative Shul on Yom Kippur, only to an Orthodox Shul.
    Masorti Jews are largely against mixed shuls and unorthodox conversion. – Masorti politicians fight hand in hand with the Orthodox politicians, against Reform and Conservative aspirations of acquiring legitimacy in Israel (i.e. women of the wall, conversion, etc.), as well against public desecration of the Shabbos (public transportation, government sponsored work, etc.).
    Due to the despair of the Reform and Conservative movements – since they almost don’t have any representation in Israel, they point on Israel’s Masorti Jews as their Israeli version.
    The estimate 13% matches the count of Masorti Jews in Israel.


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