Conjoined Twins Born In Gaza With Two Heads And One Body


Conjoined twins born with two heads and one body are fighting for life in an incubator at a hospital in Gaza.

The tots were born on Tuesday and are the first conjoined babies recorded for many years in the city, reports the Mirror. Born at al-Shifa Hospital in Ma’an at 11 a.m., the babies have two heads, two hearts, two lungs, two spines and two hands and legs, but only one chest and one stomach.

Dr. Ayman al-Sahbani, head of the emergency and media department at the hospital, added that this is a very rare condition. The gender of the unnamed little ones remains unclear, as they have been called male in some reports and female in others. Al-Shifa is the largest hospital in the Gaza Strip, with a specialist neonatal unit for dealing with premature and special births.


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  1. I’ve heard Gaza is very crowded. The Arabs will first declare them traitors to the zionishtins and kill one/ both to teach a lesson to others, believe me. DJT

  2. Seriously? Do people find a wish to “joke” in front of such news? People on the internet have pity even when the Gaza zoo animals are suffering.

    At this time they need to stay alive and gain weight, which I think Al-Shifa is able to handle in the short term. My best wishes to the little babies and their no doubt heartbroken family, as well as to the medical teams.

  3. replay to 2nd anonymus i would rather ask if yuo have to shecht both heads in other to be ….. and thats adisscussion in the gemara in chulin already

  4. Is this the 2 headed guy, Zaidy was talking about on the tape, when he said he used to go to Coney Island to see the 2 headed guy talking to himself?

  5. I have a real shaila; what happens after he/they blow(s) himself/themselves up and he /they come(s) to paradise …. Does he/do they get the regular prize – or double? Its really a lomdishe shaila if you think about it….

  6. it’s fine to make jokes, but this is a tragedy. remember, there but for the Grace of G-d go i. klal yisroel is a nation of rochmonim. this birth is a terrible punishment for the family and punishment is in the Hands of HaShem. be satisfied with that but at the same time feel the pain of the family

  7. There’s very little chance this baby/babies will make it. They can’t actually be separated into two complete human beings, and seem to be androgynous, which leaves him or her in a very strange position. It’s doubtful anyone will deem it worthwhile to try to make something out of them but hey, you never know.

  8. Right now it is an innocent baby. No other nasty comments necessary. It probably would not be able to survive. By the way which mouth gets the feeding? Do they take turns? Do both heads cry at the same time?

  9. I wish the babies well. I can’t stop myself from pondering what if one grows up to be a terrorist and the other an Israeli informant?


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