Congressmen Call for Allowing “Israel” on Passports of Yerushalayim-Born Israelis


55 U.S. Congressmen have written to President Trump to ask that he direct the State Department to allow U.S. citizens born in Yerushalayim to list Israel as their birth country on their passport.

“The State Department has not yet fully implemented the administration’s policy of recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital for purposes of registration of birth, certification of nationality, or issuance of a passport of a United States citizen born in the city of Jerusalem,” said the letter sent Sept. 17.



  1. in mid june of this year my daughter born in Yerushalayim in 2001 (now living in NJ) renewed her passport and it says country of birth Israel.

    • Can you specify what is the city of birth listed in your daughter’s US passport? It doesn’t say “Jerusalem Israel”. Admit this simple fact, and cut out the sophistry.


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