Congressmembers and Others in Brooklyn Denounce Racist Ad and Derogatory Comments from Joe Hynes’ Campaign


charles-j-hynes-2On the heels of a new report showing a convicted felon and advisor to Republican Joe Hynes used a racial slur against Democrat Ken Thompson, a diverse group of elected leaders today called on Hynes to take down a racist ad that attributes his double-digit loss in the Democratic primary to “the minority element that seeks lawlessness.”

Congressmembers Jerrold Nadler, Hakeem Jeffries, Yvette Clarke and Assemblyman Dov Hikind attended a press conference today denouncing the shocking comments and ads from Republican Joe Hynes’ campaign. The Hynes campaign continues to stand by the offensive ad and defended the derogatory email.

In full-page ads currently running in Der Yid and in Der Blatt, the two major Satmar Yiddish weeklies, Republican Joe Hynes argues that voters will use common sense and “not vote for lawlessness” in the general election. Hynes previously called Thompson, who is African American, “thuggish” and recently compared him to a black gun dealer.

Below is a full translation of Republican Joe Hynes’ ad:

What do the communal leaders and activists know that we don’t know?

Will we allow an eight percent minority of Brooklynites to determine who should keep Brooklyn secure? Why is the community continuing with Charles Hynes?
The communal leaders and activists know what kind of favors we received from Charles Hynes, his door was always open, and they know that with Hynes they will always have an open door and an open ear. The communal leaders and activists also know the great danger that awaits us from his Opponent, for whom fairness and mercy plays no role.
The communal leaders and activists know that his Opponent was only successful because a very small percentage came out to vote, and then [of that small percentage] he brought out the “minority element” that seeks lawlessness. The communal leaders and activists know that at the upcoming [general election] when sixty percent of Brooklyn will come out to vote, they will use their sense of right and wrong and not vote for lawlessness. The communal leaders and activists are watching in pain how the Opponent put together a coalition of dangerous people. And enough said on this matter. The communal leaders and activists are therefore issuing an urgent plea:
We must elect Charles Hynes Because our lives depend on this.

Charles Hynes for District Attorney: Tough – Fair – Tuesday Nov. 5 2013

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