Congressman Peter King ‘Serious’ About 2016 GOP Presidential Bid


peter-kingRep. Peter King, R-N.Y., says he is serious about a 2016 presidential run, amid an already deep field of potential candidates.

“This is not a game I’m playing. I’m serious,” King told The Hill newspaper after spending part of last week talking with residents in New Hampshire, the first-in-the-nation primary state in which campaigns are often either made or broken.

King, an 11-term House member, told The Hill he’s returning to New Hampshire in early September to further explore a run, but won’t make a decision until early 2015.

“I’m serious about looking at it, and we’ll see where it goes from there,” said King, who right now is a longshot candidate. “I have no intention of being there just for the sake of being there. So if I think there’s any real chance and support, then we’ll move forward.”

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  1. Four posts in one day about the GOP nominee for the 2016 election? There are still three years to go for that election! So much can happen between now and then and the names will keep changing. Why Matzav decided today to turn this site into GOP presidential election headquarters is beyond reason.

  2. So will he be president or king?
    America will have a monarch??? LoL
    Our country was built on being freed from the tyrany of a monarch! LoL
    Anything and anybody know but a democrat!


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