Conflicting Reports Regarding The Mechiras Chametz Of Beer Distributor


In the days following Pesach there have been conflicting reports regarding the validity of the mechira of a beer distributor, leading to two different letters being posted by different kashrus organizations.

The differing views can have serious repercussions for the company involved, which would be unable to sell their wares to Jewish companies for months should their mechira turn out to be invalid. has been in touch with the organizations involved and are awaiting official statements clarifying the discrepancies.


  1. Ask your Rabbi. In my case, that’s Harav Moshe Heineman Shlitta, head of the Star-K, which says on the paper above that the beer was not sold properly.

  2. Even if the sale was not done properly in R Heineman opinion, if the OK followed their poskim (ie Rav Moshe) there would not be any knas of chometz shover hapesach. there is never a knas if the person followed his poskim.


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