Yerushalayim: Confiscated Shabbos Sirens Returned


Gilo’s Torah community was enraged when city inspectors removed three Shabbos sirens from the roof of the shul of the neighborhood’s chief rabbi Rav Eliyohu Shlezinger, which have been there for years.

In response to claims that speakers violated noise regulations, locals said that local secular Jews were to blame, since nothing was ever done about mosque loudspeakers in the neighboring Beit Tzefafa neighborhood which operate at far higher volumes in the small hours of the morning.

Faced by a threat of Councilman Yaakov Halprin of UTJ that an upcoming council meeting would be boycotted, Mayor Nir Barkat organized the speakers’ swift return.

{ Israel}


  1. Bibi Netanyahu, is this the “Jewish” State that you’re forcing Abbas and the Palestinians to recognize where anything Jewish is confiscated?

    • “anything Jewish is confiscated”

      Are you a giant liar or a deranged fool?

      AFAIK, even extreme anti-zionists like NK or Natruna don’t say “anything Jewish is confiscated”.

      Which planet do you live on? Have you ever even been to Eretz Yisroel?

      Shame on you for concocting such a big, patently false lie.


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