Condoleezza Rice: Obama ‘Absolutely Right’ Not To Meet With Putin After ‘Slap In The Face’


obama-putinFormer Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said President Barack Obama was “absolutely right” to cancel a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin after the country’s government granted Edward Snowden a year’s asylum.

“The president is absolutely right not to go to Moscow for a bilateral conversation with Putin. There’s nothing to talk about,” Rice told “CBS This Morning” in an interview that aired Friday. “And the slap in the face to the United States of America, of giving asylum to Edward Snowden, the president absolutely cannot go to a bilateral conversation with Putin.”

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{ Newscenter}


  1. “a slap in the face?” is that what she calls it? what hypocrisy! How about the slaps in the face that are being administered to us yidden on a daily basis for 25 yrs already re jonathen pollard,and four years already re mr.rubashkin?..oh,they prob don’t matter,it’s only bec Russia have someone the whiter than white white house want to lay their hands on that they’r playing the broiges game. But alas this is typical in the world of politics fellow yidden.


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