Condition Of El Al Flight Attendant, 10-Year-Old Boy Both Stricken With Measles, Continue To Deteriorate


Health officials on Thursday were sounding the alarm on the sprawling outbreak of measles that has seen thousands of cases nationwide in the past year, after a flight attendant and a 10-year-old boy were believed to have suffered irreversible brain damage from the highly contagious disease, and as some 45,000 Israeli children reportedly remained unvaccinated.

The condition of the El Al worker who was hospitalized earlier this month with the measles has deteriorated, Hebrew media reported on Thursday. She is suffering from meningoencephalitis — a complication of the measles virus – and is in a coma, having been moved to an isolated intensive care unit, and has suffered suspected brain damage.

The young boy has also been hospitalized at Schneider Medical Center in Petach Tikva with suspected brain damage and is attached to a ventilator, according to television reports.

Read more at Times of Israel.



    • When will you vaxxers wake up and see the hoax for what it is? Why is your head so blocked to simple logic?

      This is a good anti-vaxxers clear proof that one is ONLY IMMUNE to the vaccine for about 3 years!!!!!!! And if you don’t follow up and continue injecting yourself or your child every 3 years for as long as you live, you can contract measles when exposed. Unlike ANTI-VAXXERS WHO ARE SMART. They don’t need to inject themselves with this fatal harmful vaccination every 3 years for the rest of their lives. They’d rather their child contract this mild childhood disease and BE IMMUNE FOR LIFE and so will their newborn babies until about 2 years old when s/he’ll get the measles and be immune for the his of his/her life.

  1. This is what happens when you vaccinate!! The El AL flight attendant WAS VACCINATED. Vaccines DONT GIVE lifetime immunity. Now adults are susceptible to measles which is very dangerous. When one gets measles at an older age IT IS DANGEROUS. Had this flight attendant gotten the measles as a young child, there would have been much less of a chance of complications.

    The Lawyer defending the Williamsburg families said that there are 40,000- 50,000 injuries a year from the MMR.

    • You are conveniently forgetting about the ten year old boy who’s on a respirator. Measles isn’t a benign virus. While your child has the measles and is building up his immunity he’s a walking sakana to everyone around him, including transplant recipients; those with compromised immune systems; women who have become pregnant after many years of trying; the elderly; and, even you. Can you or your child live with the guilt of willfully harming another person? If you want your child to be a rodef go right ahead, the rest of us will give our kids the shot so no one has to suffer. Now, go put your e-cigarette out and keep your anti-vaxxer blather to yourself.


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