Computer Malfunction Causes Chaos at Airports Across Country


Passengers across the country faced airport delays last night after a U.S. Customs computer outage created chaos for international travelers. The Customs and Border Protection Agency said the “temporary outage” of processing systems was fixed by about 9 p.m. after causing 30-minute to two-hour delays for passengers in various airports.

Miami International Airport alone said more than 30 international flights were affected by the outage, and multiple airports across the country reported similar delays.

Disgruntled passengers in Atlanta, New York, New Jersey, San Francisco, Chicago and Miami took to Twitter to post photos of ridiculously long lines and crowds of passengers looking exasperated, with many passengers wondering if the computer systems had been hacked. Passengers in Miami – which seemed to be hit the hardest by the malfunction, considering the heat – said the long lines triggered fights among travelers and made some people sick, with one passenger posting a photo of vomit to make the passengers’ desperation clear. While the outage has been fixed, authorities have yet to offer a more thorough explanation on the matter. They did say, however, that there was “no indication the disruption was malicious in nature.” Read more at CNN.



  1. Good for all of them. Airplanes create harmful ozone layers. They contribute to global a warming. All those passengers are evil people. They should be punished. Only the very important people should be allowed to fly on private jets. The rest of the peasantry should walk or ride a bicycle.

  2. My was canceled luckily we almost had a minyom 2 chadaks joined us we made a lachaim on dunkin donuts coffee they stayed, people took pictures of us . It was wild and then we made a rikud and thanked hashim. Are next flight is tomorrow.


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