Community Board 12 Set to Review Proposed Legislation Regarding Pashkevil Dumpers


pashkevilNew York – In response to thousands of pashkevilin that were dumped in the streets of Boro Park, Councilman David Greenfield is preparing a legislative solution. “No one has the right to throw thousands of pieces of paper on our streets. It damages our community, litters our streets, causes our sewers to back up and causes innocent people to be fined.”

“We need to send a clear message that there will be serious consequences of jail time and a significant fine for the people who do this. There needs to be serious ramifications for this kind of vandalism.”

Upon completion, the Law Committee of Community Board 12 will review the proposed legislation.

“You don’t channel your anger by defacing our community,” said Aaron Tyk, Vice Chairman of the Committee. “Such conduct not only is a blatant desecration of Toras Hashem. It also is a gross violation of the social contract pursuant to which we conduct ourselves.”

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