Comey Pushes Back On Trump: ‘I Never Leaked In Office’


Former FBI Director James Comey on Monday rejected President Trump’s characterization of him as a “liar” and a “leaker, telling Axios in an interview that he never leaked classified materials while running the agency.

“I never leaked in office,” Comey said while adding that leaks and media coverage from special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation should be looked at skeptically.

In the wide-ranging interview with Axios, Comey went on to reject claims from Republicans and right-wing critics of a “Deep State” conspiracy within the U.S. intelligence community working to defeat Trump.

“There is no Deep State, but there is a deep culture and commitment to the rule of law” running through the intelligence community and military, Comey said.

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  1. Always trust criminal lying Comey crook who goes around whining in his book just like Corrupt Hillary the Devil loser.

  2. He never leaked, hmm define leak?
    He told people to leak. He leaked only Roshei Prokim.. etc
    What a lying crook!

  3. so he only stole classified government info and leaked that after he was rightfully fired for being in the bag for the machashefa exonerating her before interviewing her and than unilaterally deciding no prosecutor would indict her

  4. Is he allowed to leak classified info when is is not on the job? I thought to get the job he had to swear to protect this info. I don’t think the commitment ends when the job ends. Nice try!


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