Comey: Kelly Threatened To Quit Over My Firing


John Kelly threatened to resign out of disapproval with ex-FBI Director James Comey’s firing, according to excerpts from Comey’s upcoming book.

Comey writes that after Trump fired him last May, he received an “emotional call” from Kelly, who at the time was the Homeland Security secretary.

Kelly told the newly ousted Comey that he intended to “quit in protest” because he “didn’t want to work for dishonorable people who would treat someone like (Comey) in such a manner,” according to book excerpts obtained by ABC News. READ MORE.


  1. I think Comey’s self greatness, even over whelms him. He is a disgrumed employee who was fired for good reasons, but blames the boss who fired him, for he is so great he could do no wrong. Now it is a kiss and tell, slanted towards him and his own greatness.

  2. Even taking Comey at his word and accepting his Kelly quote verbatim, he still doesn’t come off well here. In fact Comey comes off terribly, because he’s basically showing his appreciation for Kelly’s support by ratting Kelly out to his boss (President Trump) and putting Kelly in an extremely uncomfortable situation. What a backstabber.


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