Colin Powell Slams Cheney Book


powellFormer Secretary of State Colin Powell is accusing former Vice President Dick Cheney of taking “cheap shots” at him and others in a new book.

Powell was the nation’s top diplomat during the first four years of President George W. Bush’s administration. Cheney’s book, “In My Time: A Personal and Political Memoir,” is set for release Tuesday.

Cheney writes that he thinks Powell tried to undermine Bush by criticizing administration policy to people outside the government.

Powell tells CBS’ “Face the Nation” that he routinely gave his opinion and his best advice on issues to the president.

While Cheney writes that Powell’s resignation was “for the best,” Powell says he had always planned to leave the administration after the 2004 election.

Powell says Cheney is almost condescending in his remarks about Powell’s successor, Condoleezza Rice.

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  1. This is just another proof that the office of Vice President was held by a despicable man who does not know when to turn off the viciousness, even long out of office.

  2. General Colin Powell endorsed President Obama in the last Presidential election. So if someone like VP Cheney claims that he wasn’t so loyal to President Bush, it seems quite believable to me. Maybe Cheney knows something that commenter #1, in his great wisdom, doesn’t know about.

  3. Not sure quite what to make of this but Cheney has a disturbing habit of turning on friends and old allies. No reference intended to the hunting incident.

  4. #2, no need for insults. Where is the wisdom in that?

    I have no idea why Powell supported Obama. It could be Obama, in hindsight, gave hope to people since he had no previous record to speak of and the people saw Bush/Cheney’s reign include 9/11 and the fall of Wall Street. It could be because he thought John McCain was lame.

    I didnt vote for either candidate for a variety of concrete reasons.

    But just for your information, there was an article were Bush refused to abide by Cheney’s recommendation to bomb Iran’s nukes. So, in a way, the Bush/Cheney ticket was not wholley supported of itself. Can we assume, as you suggest that their critics must be correct; as is the similar litmus test for you to accept Cheney’s slander of Powell?

  5. Well, what did you want in your cabinet? A bunch of patsys? Good luck Cheney. You are about as sincere as a bag of lemons that was stirred with fermented chicken droppings. And I mean that with the most respect and admiration.

  6. #4 – with alll due respect, but someone that does not vote especialy in a presidential election in my view has no credibility when it comes to voicing opinion about candidates. No matter what the reason or who the candidates are, you have a civic duty to vote someone into office, and if you could not bother yourself to vote nobody wants to hear what you have to say.

  7. powells upset he messed up his president cherney is an honest patriot and says whats true powells up set let him write a book and explain were theVP is wrong or better still he could sue for libel but i doubt he will

  8. Powell is a true American hero. He served in the Army in Vietnam. He led us to victory in Iraq in 1991 and saved Israel from missile attack. Cheney is a shirker who got five (5) draft deferments – he claims he had “something better to do” – and has never done anything for anybody except himself. Which one do we believe? Who needs to even ask?

  9. #7, I did vote. I wrote in a name since I did not like either candidate. After voting for Bush and regretting it, I decided never to vote for someone unless I can find something I like about them. To one degree or another, we support a candidate because they reflect our values or be believe in their competency to some acceptable degree.

    But I must say, it is a sad thing in America when citizens, using their intelligence, and having social concerns and responsibility, cannot find someone they wish to cast their vote for. They are a victim of a failing society. Please do not blame the victim.

    Finally, every American has a right and duty to vote OR not to vote, whether in protest or because they are disillusioned with the system. They even have a right to change the system, let alone not vote for either one of two hollow, incompetent, puppets.

    Bring America back!

  10. Cheney wasn’t born yesterday.

    Powell was promoted more than he deserved by the GOP. And how did he pay them back? By endorsing Obama.

    Kudos to Cheney for setting the record straight.


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